Wednesday, December 11, 2013

11 Steps to a more Peaceful life

1. Regular meditation- There are many free online guided meditations. Do a search on YouTube or Beliefnet. A simple five minute meditation in which you observe the breath will do wonders.  Deepak Chopra's Soul of Healing Meditation cd/audio download is probably the best one I've done. Even if you cannot do the whole CD, then try just the breathing awareness part. It is short and will make you get big difference. You can build up to doing the whole meditation. You will feel amazing afterwards! Amethyst is a great healing stone and Frankincense, sandalwood, and lavender are great essential oils for meditation. Reiki is an amazingly relaxing way to reach a state similar to meditation and is excellent for those who have trouble finding peace on their own. 

2. Yoga Asanas- regular exercise of any kind will help you burn away stress hormones, but yoga asanas (positions) are based on ancient wisdom that yoke together mind, body, and spirit. 

3. Positive thinking- Even if you do not believe in or aren't sure about the Law of Attraction, do a little experiment: Try spending five minutes only thinking negative thoughts. Then spend five minutes thinking only positive thoughts. See which one feels more peaceful. Books to read: "The Happiness Makeover", "Easier Than You Think Because Life Doesn't Have to be So Hard".  Call upon Archangel Jophiel to help beautify your thoughts. Flower essences help one think positively.

4. Removing toxins from your life- Ridding yourself of toxic substances, cleaning and body care products, pesticides (both ones you use and ones your food was grown with), and especially relationships will give you the freedom to be who you really are. A great book to read:"Detox for Life"by Josephine Collins Clear crystal quartz purifies body and soul.

5. Expressing yourself creatively- This idea is not based on something you feel you would be good at. Though being good at something may add to your satisfaction, just the process of creating a song, dance, painting, beautiful meal, or knitting a sweater will tap into your Divine nature. We are all of the same source, which is naturally creative. Belly Dance is an excellent way to be creatively expressive! A good book to start with his SARK's "New Creative Companion." Many also like "the Artists Way ".

6. Find your Life's Purpose- A reading by me is one way to go about this. 

7. Forgive- "Unconditional Forgiveness" Is a great book for this step. Holding on to anger, resentment, and pain only gives another person or situation power in your life. Forgiveness is not about saying what happened was okay, but that you will not give it space in your heart any longer. 

8. Keep a gratitude journal

9. Let go- "The Little Book of Letting Go" really helped this Scorpio start to learn about this process... Let go of perfection, other people's expectations, old beliefs, and anything else that no longer serves you. Flower essences also really help with this process.

10. Love yourself first- really contemplate this idea, because you have probably heard it 1000 times. Until you actually do speak to yourself kindly, set boundaries, and do the things you enjoy because it is healing for you, the concept has not sunk in. Read "This I Know" for a beautiful account of a woman's road to self-love. Rose quartz helps one feel more self-love.

11. Connect with Source- This can be anything from spending time in nature or quiet contemplation, asking questions and speaking to the higher realms. Knowing we are fully supported and guided by loving beings removes the anxiety of feeling you have to do it all alone.

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