Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Intense Scorpio Energy Asks Us to Delve in and Transform

This podcast from Empowering Astrology and 1/2 of Saturn Sisters gives a great explanation of the especially intense energy right now. Anxiety is common and deep psychological work is coming to the surface. Though difficult, by exposing it to light, these issues are healed.

There is another layer of intensity coming up with Pluto/Uranus square on November 1st (my Birthday [yes, I'm a Scorpio, so I understand the intensity on a daily basis], also known as the Celtic New Year, so a great time to set new intentions) and then there is another eclipse on November 3rd with the new moon. New moons are always a good time for setting new intentions, but this one is very powerful. So, now is the time to bring deep issues forth, clear the heart and set new intentions.  The ladies even drew a Tarot card which calls our attention to the light and potential we uncover by letting go of that which no longer serves us.  Take a listen! You won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Artists Supporting Artists

Every year, our neighborhood has an event called "Art in the Park"... though now it's "Art in the Park-ing lot" since it has moved from the tree filled park to an uptown parking lot. Not sure why, but that's not really my point here.

Individual artists display and sell their work and we get a chance to see and experience much at once, just as any artist's fair provides. It is particularly exciting to me to have this opportunity right in my neighborhood, only a few minutes from my house. Growing up, we had my favorite town event ever called Heritage Day, which was filled with people in historic costume, making apple butter in huge iron cauldrons or other demonstrations. There were also makers selling their handmade wares- rag dolls are what I recall the most, probably because as a kid, that is what caught my eye. Even as a teenager, I made the effort to put aside my surliness and go join the fun on Heritage Day.  While Art in the Park(ing lot) is not really the same as Heritage Day, I am still thrilled to have it because I love art and the handmade movement.  Creative energy is such a delicious feeling.

When I walked into Karen McKee's tent where I bought the dishes in the above photo, I had a vision of her peacefully working on her ceramics and could really feel the love she put into her work.  That sealed it- I was definitely buying from her. When I saw these wonderful organically shaped dishes, I instantly knew I wanted them to hold my healing crystals. Rather than placing them on the surface where I do my Tarot readings, I could have them in a beautiful place of honor. Anything that adds to the ritual makes the readings that much more connected IMO.

If you find the picture interesting, you will certainly appreciate the energy and intention behind Karen's work. It always feels like I'm making my money count for so much more when I support an individual rather than a large corporation. The individual's ripple effect seems to contain so much light and love compared to buying one of many from a company who will never see your face.

Tell me about the art fairs you have been to and what you love about them. What does the energy feel like to you?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Self Care During Mercury in Retrograde

As of yesterday, Mercury is in retrograde. Mercury rules communication, and being in retrograde, means it is going slower than it usually does (appearing to go backwards from our view on Earth), thus making our efforts to communicate really difficult. This is good time to review and re-do, but starting something new probably means re-doing it later. If you've already started a project, it's fine to progress, just be aware of technological issues running amuck. All the computer glitches, dropped cell phone calls, faxes that won't send or receive, texts that never made it- all due to Mercury in Retrograde. Also, all those fights with people at this time? It's a communication issue, so be patient, have compassion and learn what you need to from this situation. Issues from the past tend to re-surface at this time, so note them for what they are, process, and move on. Your animal companions are anxious and needy right now too, so centering and grounding yourself will help them too. 

Meditation to review any issues you've encountered, yoga asanas, regular deep breathing, connecting with nature, journaling, engaging in creative activity, flower essences* and healing crystals** are all ways to take care of yourself always, but are especially important while Mercury is in retrograde.  Of course, exercise, drinking plenty of water, eating healthy, fresh, minimally processed foods, getting plenty of sleep and eliminating any unnecessary stressful activities are imperative at this time. Taking a walk outside, especially where you can touch some trees and see some fall flowers will take care of both exercise and connecting with nature. Take some water with you and a camera and you've included 2 more things from the above list. Write about any insights you had along the way and you've journaled. None of these have to take up your whole day, but take the time and you'll sail through this tense period. 

This Mercury in retrograde is especially intense as it is right between the penumbral eclipse/full moon that just happened Friday and an exact square of Pluto and Uranus on November 1st. My forte with Astrology lies with knowing how the signs affect a person's personality, but I have been following Empowering Astrology and Starsdance Astrology on Facebook and it has been very helpful in helping me stay aware of how the planets affect our daily lives.
The above picture is of a wall hanging I have depicting the Green Tara, Goddess of Compassion. Call upon her during this time, as self-compassion is so important, now and always. Self-compassion leads to compassion for others, which may not allow you to fully understand their behavior, but will help you to accept it. 
*The "Positive Energy" formula by Fox Mountain Flower Essences and Active 8 by Flower Essence Services and the Calming animal blend by Vortex Essences are both linked on my Flower Essence page and have been very helpful to me and I recommend them at this time. 
**Green Moss agate gives one the feeling of being in nature and is one of my favorite healing crystals when needing peace. Please read through the rest of the descriptions on my healing crystal page and decide what other healing crystals resonate with you for calming energy. 
I wish you peace. If you need further insight on any situation that arises, such as issues from the past re-surfacing or conflicts occurring between people, I am available for Angel Tarot readings via email. You will get your answer usually within 24-48 hours, which is much faster than making an appointment and much more convenient.

Mercury is out of retrograde November 10th, but give it a few days since some things go even wonkier as it catches up to speed.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fairy Stuff

Well, I've been guided to embrace my eccentricity and let my freak flag fly, so I thought I'd tell you about my Fairy message experience.

Do you ever have something disappear, and you look and look for it, often in the same place because you know it was there, only to have it show up in that exact place later? Or, how about having something show up in a really obvious, plainly seen place you know it wasn't 5 minutes earlier?  No, I don't mean when your children wonder off with something and randomly it shows up again... though sometimes children's things are involved. These are Fairies at work... well, at play, which is the same thing to them. In our case, and I suspect in most cases, they are trying to get our attention. In our house, I'd had 2 Halloween art/craft books, a book on past lives, a book on those between lives waiting to be born, some art/craft tools and my son's iPod all disappear. One of the Halloween books and the iPod reappeared temporarily, just as I described above- in a place we'd looked over and over and was really obvious when we found them. When my family wondered why/how all this strange activity was going on, I said, "The Fairies have it." This was said nonchalantly, and believing it, but not fully feeling it. Then one day as I was thinking about all the lost objects, again, I thought, "The Fairies have them." and got chills all over. That's one way the Angels and Fairies validate that what you are thinking is true.  So, I asked a woman who I traded readings with to ask when/if the Fairies would give the stuff back. Her response was that they would give it back, they were just being mischievous and wanted me to go outside with my infant daughter more because they love her, love playing with her, and she can see them. Well, I really felt it then! For one, my daughter looks like a Fairy and since the day she was born, I've called her my Fairy Girl. She was born on Earth day, with 3 out of 4 of the signs that determine your major personality traits in Earth. The Fairies in the Angel Tarot deck represent the Earth element since they are Angels of the Earth. Her name is Serafina, an Angel name, and I've often called her Fina Le Fey. No wonder she can see them! And I've never seen a child this young laugh so easily, so while I may not discuss these facts in mixed company (except for on the internet now! Ha!), it makes a lot of sense that she sees them and they play with her. Further proof that she is from their realm is that she gets random pieces of glitter on her. Just one piece, but obvious to me.  Usually it has been green. Today it is purple. I am not aware of anything that we own that has these colors of glitter that she has been around when I found the glitter on her. My son is from their realm too. So much so, that even people who don't talk about these things readily agree that he is Fae Folk. Some of my collage art is him in wings. :)  His name is Angelo, so they are both Angel-Fairies. They've been brother and sister over several lifetimes, so that makes sense.

After some time, the iPod showed back up and then disappeared again. So, when I got my Magical Messages from the Fairies deck by Doreen Virtue, I decided to ask again about all the lost objects.  We had spent more time outside than previously, but it is hard taking care of everyone's needs and getting out.  When I was shuffling the cards, a whole bunch of them flew out of my hands. Now, when a card or 2 pops out of the deck, you are supposed to look at them as they are part of the message. But, there were so many, I just looked at the one that was turned upright and put the rest back in the deck. It said to "ask for what I want". So, I smiled and asked the Fairies to please return our things.  When I came back into the room later, I saw 2 more cards lying face up on the floor.  One was "Connect With Nature" and the other one was the "Daughter" card.  How I laughed when I saw those!!  Ok, Fairies, I get it!!  I've had more outdoor time since then, even some barefoot time in October, and plan on even more.  Their intentions are really for us to experience the healing and balancing energies of nature and apparently will go to great lengths to get us to take action!  Here are the pictures of the cards below. :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Blog Post About Our Belly Dance Flash Mob

It's over on my Belly Dance Blog: Chronicles of a Dancer's Journey. The story behind it is a really good example of why you should say "yes" if your intuition says so, even if your fear says, "that's crazy". :) Read all about it here.