Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tarot Tuesday- Chin Up, Buttercup

Wow, first of all, I started writing this at 11:11, so think positively and make a wish!! 

Here is your reading for Tarot Tuesday using the Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine:

Currently, you are very focused on family and expect to have an abundance of time with them. You are grateful for this time, but may feel bogged down by the day to day work that comes with family life. Have patience and look forward to the future where there will be a homecoming, a celebration, and good, happy feelings.

Things may be especially intense today because of the new moon eclipse happening today. Be gentle with yourself and remember to take care of yourself as well as you take care of others. Empowering Astrology has more detail on the eclipse.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Voice of Forgiveness

The weekly Tarot reading this week is on the Fan Page and was done on Thursday. My daughter turned 1 on Tuesday!! Several people personally related to it closely and the messages are evolving for me. Something I have been pondering more deeply over the past few days is my internal dialog and how it relates to how I perceive my self-worth. Though I'm not one to speak outwardly negatively about myself and regularly affirm positive statements about myself, I started looking more deeply as to why I held onto certain concepts. Why did I feel that I shouldn't spend money or that I should just do something myself because I _should_ be able to do that, even if I don't want to spend my hands-free time doing things like dusting or mopping. Something I've started to affirm is that I deserve rest, healing, and self-love. As I was leaving the house with the children yesterday (something that is a complicated endeavor, but has been getting easier), I was locking the door and don't even know what I was saying to myself, but the tone was critical (something about my lack of efficiency I'm sure) and I heard someone say, "the voice of forgiveness". Instantly, I knew that I was to change my tone and forgive myself for whatever perceived short-comings I had. Forgiveness has been something I have done a lot of work with regarding others and myself with active meditation and even re-committing to it over and over as it is called for, but my everyday voice clearly it's time for change.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tarot Tuesday- Your Reading + meaning of 10 of Pentacles (Autumn) and Ascended Masters Oracle Card Health and Healing

10 of autumn (Pentacles) from Victorian Fairy Tarot by Weatherstone

Ascended Masters Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue

My baby girl, for whom I am so very grateful

Well, today really got away from me. We had our carpet cleaned- something that really needed done. This meant that I needed to keep the very mobile baby on my hip/in the sling more time than I might normally because the carpet was wet and no matter how many times I vacuum/inspect the floor on the tile/wooden floors, she has put more things into her mouth lately than I care to fish out.

The good thing about this is that I ultimately decided to go back to the Victorian Fairy Tarot deck and use an Ascended Masters Oracle card for more details and this is something a bit different than our usual readings for the last couple months.

Our first card is 10 of Autumn- a happy family full of gratitude. Material needs are met and those we love are close. We are very fortunate and are aware of that fact. The scene on the card is very much like a family gathering for Thanksgiving dinner. Life is cozy and warm.

The second card is Health and Healing from the Ascended Masters deck by Doreen Virtue. As I was shuffling, I called upon Archangel Raphael, which is not all that typical for me when I call for assistance in a reading. He is the Archangel of healing, travel, and Soul Mates. So, even though Hilarion is the face of this card, I can hear Archangel Raphael speaking through this card.

Though I always ask that the reading be for whomever reads the blog/fan page, I know that I am also one of the "readers" and my own story is very much a part of this reading today. Whatever you read into the cards for your own life is completely valid, and perhaps there is a bit of collective gratitude going on as well. If you've been getting updates from my fan page, you know I am taking part in the 100 Days of Happiness Challenge. While I often focus on gratitude and happiness, taking photos and reporting it on the internet has already turned my focus even more acutely toward finding moments, no matter how small, to be happy about. My baby girl's birthday is next week and though I've been so grateful to have her the whole time, the dramatic difference in what I feel now and what I felt a year ago regarding our birth experience has me feeling a great amount of healing and release. What I've learned about our past lives and what that meant in the way she needed to be born (emergency Cesarian) has me feeling very grateful to be alive, and to have her here alive and perfectly healthy. This gratitude has definitely led to health and healing on all levels- mind, body, spirit, and soul. Tonight is a full lunar eclipse in Libra (my moon and ascending sign), so deep soul memories are being brought up for healing. The cards make perfect sense and completely validate what I've experienced lately. To further validate what I saw in the cards, when I looked for the pictures of the cards, iPhoto showed me pictures from the last 12 months and photos from my baby's first days showed up and I zeroed in on them in heavenly enchantment.

How about you? How do these cards speak to you? Have you experienced healing or are you called to heal others? How are you feeling grateful for what you have?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tarot Tuesday is Back on the Blog!

Well, doing the 5 card readings for Tarot Card Tuesday has been so much fun that I'm still doing it! Since there is at least a temporary pause in construction (a small repair is in the near future, unfortunately), I can be with my laptop and put the reading on the blog more easily. And since I've been doing 5 card readings, the name has changed to Tarot Tuesday.

Here it is:

From the looks of this reading, the Cardinal Grand Cross, which makes for very tense energy, has started to affect us in somewhat challenging ways:

Current Situation - “Page of Water” - SITUATIONS: A new person or emotion-rousing situation enters your life. It could be the start of a friendship or romance, or the renewal of one from your past. A current relationship may enter a new phase. It’s important to discuss your feelings with those around you. Your intuition and psychic abilities may also be heightened during this time. PEOPLE: A youth who’s emotional, intuitive, and sensitive. A person who’s gentle, kind, artistic, and sometimes quiet.

Your Expectations - “Three of Water” - It’s time for a celebration! Weddings, announcements of pregnancy or birth, and reunions are likely. Graduations or promotions are on the horizon.

Hidden Influences - “Knight of Air” - SITUATIONS: Events in your life go into high speed! Your plans can now be implemented, and you should see a great deal of activity. Intellect and creativity rule the day, so adopt nontraditional viewpoints. Take the time to consider choices carefully. PEOPLE: An extremely intelligent person who has the ability to act fast and think even faster. A genuine “go-getter” who is unstoppable in support of a cause.

Advice - “Five of Air” - This situation hasn’t worked out the way you’d hoped, but you can try again. Your power lies not in how all the chips fall, but in how you handle yourself moving forward. You may now feel that the cost of this venture is too high. Carefully evaluate the way events have transpired in order to gain valuable lessons for your future.

Outcome - “The Hermit” - This card signals that you’d benefit from spending time alone, listening to your inner voice. Meditation is essential, as the path to enlightenment is an inner journey. Be silent and experience the joy that comes from seeking the truth of your own heart. Learn to feel comfortable in your own company. After all, there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely.

In summary, emotions are running high due to new situations, probably stemming from work, but it could be those close to you having difficulty and you experiencing the backlash (or both). You know you need to have more fun- this situation is taking its toll. You may be planning a celebration or gathering (perhaps for Easter). An impulsive person who is focused on action (again, probably the person having difficulty and as a result you are experiencing difficulty) may act and speak without thinking and this results in hurt feelings. Unfortunately, this person is only thinking of himself (likely male, but could be female) and is not considering the feelings of those around him. Take a look at the big picture and see what you can learn from the situation. Detaching from the emotions that have stirred up and taking a bird's eye view will help you see what the Soul needs to experience in order to learn and release. Notice that the unicorns' heads are all crowded in together. There are too many different ideas that are not harmonizing, so take a breather. This is the suit of air after all! After spending some time alone in meditation, you will have gained significant spiritual information and can pass it on to others.

This is a really good time for tarot readings, Reiki, and healing crystal jewelry! Contact me for any of that!

*pictures from Doreen virtue and Radleigh Valentine's Angel Tarot deck.