Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Meaning of Nine of Wands or Nine of Fire + Your Reading for Tarot Card Tuesday

Nine of Fire from Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

Today's offering for Tarot card Tuesday is nine of fire or nine of wands in traditional Tarot. This card tells us to protect what we have built. We may be tired but strengthening our resolve is necessary. I am especially drawn to the woman's bright pink shirt. Bright pink represents intense love. Venus has been in retrograde and we have been questioning what we love and value. Recently the moon was in Scorpio - over the weekend. It asked us to purge all that no longer serves us. What is left now that you have questioned what you love and value and purged what no longer serves you? Whatever that is, whatever you have put so much work into, protect it. Be open to the opinion of others, but also be aware of your foundations and those you wish to build upon further. The moon is in Capricorn today- an Earth sign that focuses on our foundations. The moon is making tense and confrontational aspects to Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars (according to Empowering Astrology). So, having to protect what you intensely love at the very core of your being makes sense!

If you would like a personal Tarot reading, please see my Tarot page for the readings available. You can also go straight to my services page. These email readings are detailed, accurate, and do not require an appointment! Many blessings!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tarot Card Tuesday- Meaning of 10 of Wands (Fire) + Your Reading

10 of Fire (wands) from the Angel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
The Ten of Fire, known as the 10 of Wands in traditional Tarot, indicates that you are doing too much. You can see that there is a heavy burden on this dragon's back. Health concerns are stress related and there is a need to find a balance between your professional and personal life. Your professional life does not have to be something you get paid money for- it can be volunteer work or taking care of your family. What do you need as an individual? Cut out unnecessary or burdensome activities and accept help from others.

This word "balance" is huge right now, as the moon is is Libra- the sign of balance, beauty, harmony, and partnership. as Starsdance Astrology says, "Libra reminds us that we don't have to go it alone. Cultivate allies on your journey and reach out." Also, Venus is in retrograde still, having us evaluate our relationships and determine what is worth keeping and what is not. Venus rules Libra. (The linked article is a very interesting overview of how Venus affects us.)

This card and the astrology indicate that there is a need for balance in your relationships. Are you doing too much? Is your partner coasting? What about your relationship to beautiful things? Personally, I've felt the need to start selling many of my beautiful belly dance costumes as they take up so much room and my participation requiring costumes has seriously dwindled. This mental clearing has allowed me to bring forth a passion that has wanted a voice for a very long time- jewelry-making. What can you let go of in order to make room for something else?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

9 Acts of Self-Love

Art Journal entry by Narah Kimberly Minardi

1. Getting a massage or energy work, even if only a half an hour.

2. Speaking kindly to oneself, as you would to a beloved child

3. Making time for creative work, even if it does not make money or serve a "practical" purpose. Enjoy the process. It heals you. If you must "justify" it, then consider it a way to cut down on health care costs.

4. Letting go of what no longer lights you up, even if it makes money or serves a practical purpose.

5. Taking good care of your physical body with nourishing foods, exercise, and meditation, even if others need your care too.

6. Repeating mantras to remind yourself that you are worthy of love, abundance, freedom and peace just because you are a Divine child of God. We are all from the same source, no matter how you name it.

7. Connecting to your Angels and calling upon them for help. They are always ready and are there for you. You only need to ask.

8. Accepting the human state of imperfection. A great way to even appreciate imperfection is to make art- messy collage and painting really helped me see more beauty in doing things imperfectly, and helped me flow more with life.

9. Thanking the Divine for every breath that you take. Your Soul chose to be here, learning these lessons and gratitude for your very existence draws exactly what you need.

My word for 2014 is "self-love". By focusing on this word, I become more aware of how many ways I've denied myself love from many sources by not giving love to myself.  This awareness changes everything. What is your word? What are your acts of self-love?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tarot Card Tuesday- Meaning of the 5 of Wands (Fire) and Your Reading for the Week

Five of Fire from the Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

Today's card for Tarot card Tuesday is the five of fire. In traditional tarot it is known as the five of wands. As you can see, there are wands in this picture and the one in the middle is you. I call this the drama card. You are likely to be stuck in the middle as there are conflicts on the horizon. Emotions are running high. I keep seeing an office space with cubicles and florescent lights, so in this case it especially seems to apply to work issues; there is competition and a clash of wills. It is not the most pleasant working environment as the lighting is harsh and the faux walls are stark. It makes me think of a common 1980's office.

Notice the castle in the background. You can still get there (reach your goals), but it will be a journey. Do some deep breathing and carry grounding healing stones to maintain composure and stay centered.

The moon is in Cancer right now and remains there for the FULL moon tomorrow. We already know that the full moon can bring out "lunacy". The sign of Cancer is about our emotional foundation, so high emotions surrounding work issues, home, and family (including the foundation which was set with your parents)fit right in with this card. Behind the wands is a body of water (emotions) which you can observe and take the path around to your meet your objectives (the castle in the distance). It doesn't always bring out the best in people when their emotions are heightened surrounding issues of security. So, have compassion and observe without getting too wrapped up in the drama. Nurture yourself and enjoy your time at home.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Healing Crystal Jewelry, Blog name and Etsy store!

Above are some new healing crystal bracelets waiting to be listed in my new Etsy store- Whether Stone (under construction). While meditating with a piece of Selenite, I heard the new name and saw that it was spelled 'whether' as in a question. My higher self told me the name as my conscious mind brain stormed, but came up with nothing that was available. All my current healing crystal jewelry listings will be moving to the new store. The Vinegar and Glitter/Belly Arts Mama Etsy store will remain open so that I can have a belly dance close out sale (costumes, DVDs, jewelry). It's been calling me for so long to make crystal jewelry for a living and now I am very focused on that being what I bring to the world. 

After I teach my belly dance fitness class, which ends January 30th, I will not be teaching belly dance for the foreseeable future.  My children are first priority and I can successfully care for and teach them at home while contributing healing offerings to the world via Healing crystal jewelry, Tarot, and distance Reiki. Being a professional belly dancer has been a wild and wonderful ride, but (as all those Queen of Swords/air cards have been telling me), it's time to shed that skin. Year of the Water Snake is nearing a close, and the message to move forward is loud and clear.

Hoping you are looking forward with new clarity as well!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Meaning of The Hanged Man or The Hanging Fairy (+ your reading) for Tarot Card Tuesday

From the Victorian Fairy Tarot by Lunea Weatherstone 

Tarot card Tuesday- Reading for January 7th-13th 2014

The hanging Fairy- this fairy has gotten caught in a spiderweb. Poppies bloom nearby and influence his state of consciousness as he initially struggles to get free. Eventually, he surrenders and starts to see the world in a new way. Illusions dissolve. He is able to apply new ways of thinking to old problems. The poppyseed has been used by many  creative people such as Edgar Allan Poe and Oscar Wilde. (though, the door to perception is always open. You do not actually need the seed of the poppy.) This card  is known  as the hanging man in traditional Tarot. It tells us to use our imagination to approach the world. Stand old ideas on their heads. Let go of old ideas. Open yourself to the world beyond this physical plane. There is a divine plan. You co-create your world with the Creator/the Great Spirit/the Universe. You may be caught in the web that you've woven but you will release yourself. The spider weaves her own web and with expanded consciousness she creates the vision of her own life and it becomes reality. This is your task. Your spiritual growth demands a new vision. You do not have to hold onto limiting beliefs about money, what others expect, or self-worth. You deserve all manner of happiness, so open yourself up and receive. Success does not have to happen as the result of struggle. Breathe deeply into each moment.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Tarot Reading

2014 Year Ahead reading with Angel Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

Happy New Year! I did a "year ahead" reading for you, my blog readers. Even if you are here for the first time, you have messages here. :) This is not as detailed as an individual reading would be, but there's definitely a story here. Enjoy!

January- Ten of water- a happy family, emotional and material needs are met. Relationships are trustworthy. Family can be the one you were born into, the one youve created, or the one youve chosen via friends or business. People have positive emotions surrounding the new year.

February- Six of water- memories from the past are re-surfacing. This can be memories from childhood or past lives that are affecting the present. You may be wishing that things could be like the good ol days and that is keeping you from moving forward in this year as it is. The old structure is gone, so allow yourself to awaken and flow with the moment.

March- Page of Water- this month comes in with a lot of emotion and sensitivity. A young person who is creative and emotional can play a key role. A relationship either begins or a current one reaches a new phase. Try to keep your head above water as these feelings- which can be the heightened state of new love- play out. A cardinal grand cross starts this month and psychic abilities play a key role. You are more sensitive to this intense energy, so stay grounded with red jasper, smoky quartz, onyx and tourmalated quartz.

April- King of Earth- This is a good month for material matters. Business is good and anything you put your efforts into flourishes because you have the Midas touch at this time. Earth Day is in April! You may be planning something special to honor Mother Earth. This card also represents generosity.

May- Knight of Air- Events are moving very quickly at this time. Though something requires immediate attention, avoid acting rashly. Think through your options first. You will come up with a creative solution for this matter. The horse/unicorn in this picture is drawing my attention and reminding me again of the year of the Horse, which is in full swing at this time. Have you meditated on Horse and what he may teach you? Keep these lessons in mind as you come to the rescue this month.

June- The Wheel- This is a major arcana card representing a significant lesson that has been learned (from Horse last month). You have successfully completed this cycle in your life and are full of gratitude.

July- Unity- This card is telling us that we share the wisdom we have gleaned as of late and are able to surround ourselves with more birds of a feather.

August- Four of Fire- This card represents stability, a steady output of energy. You are content, peaceful, and happy with the results of your completed projects. You are rewarded with abundance from the efforts youve put in earlier in the year.

September- Ten of Earth- this is another happy family card. You are still feeling stable and secure in finances and emotions, but are encouraged to still appreciate the little things. Spend time in nature and enjoy life.

October- Five of Earth- This card represents drama, conflict, and being stuck in the middle. Its like being stuck between two walls and bouncing between them, trying to get out. The devils in the details this month as there is a lot to manage and keep track of. Just remember that the changes are for the highest good and for the betterment of all. (I just saw 555 as the number of words I wrote before I wrote that- the angel number for positive changes.) 

November- Renewal reversed- this card reversed means that you have come to a point where you have to choose whether to stay in a situation or to move on. In this case, it indicates that you have looked at what youve been through (last month had a lot of drama) and decided to no longer stay in this situation that is draining you.  Remember not to give in to worry as it only makes any situation worse. You are supported by the Universe, which is full of unconditional love.

December- Ten of Fire- Too much is going on and your health is suffering because of the stress. The holidays can do that sometimes, but in this case they are adding to the fallout of the events of the previous month. Be sure to delegate where possible and meditate to stay steady.  Be wary of any back issues, or those who need to get off your back. Yoga asanas will keep your muscles strong and flexible and your mind centered.  The year of the Wood Horse is nearing its end (February is the Chinese New Year) in Sagittarius (1/2 horse) at this point and it seems its not going down without a fight. ;)

Remember that the new moon is tonight, on New Year's Day. That's very powerful medicine, so state your intentions. I hope this reading has given you some direction as to which way to go.