Wednesday, January 15, 2014

9 Acts of Self-Love

Art Journal entry by Narah Kimberly Minardi

1. Getting a massage or energy work, even if only a half an hour.

2. Speaking kindly to oneself, as you would to a beloved child

3. Making time for creative work, even if it does not make money or serve a "practical" purpose. Enjoy the process. It heals you. If you must "justify" it, then consider it a way to cut down on health care costs.

4. Letting go of what no longer lights you up, even if it makes money or serves a practical purpose.

5. Taking good care of your physical body with nourishing foods, exercise, and meditation, even if others need your care too.

6. Repeating mantras to remind yourself that you are worthy of love, abundance, freedom and peace just because you are a Divine child of God. We are all from the same source, no matter how you name it.

7. Connecting to your Angels and calling upon them for help. They are always ready and are there for you. You only need to ask.

8. Accepting the human state of imperfection. A great way to even appreciate imperfection is to make art- messy collage and painting really helped me see more beauty in doing things imperfectly, and helped me flow more with life.

9. Thanking the Divine for every breath that you take. Your Soul chose to be here, learning these lessons and gratitude for your very existence draws exactly what you need.

My word for 2014 is "self-love". By focusing on this word, I become more aware of how many ways I've denied myself love from many sources by not giving love to myself.  This awareness changes everything. What is your word? What are your acts of self-love?

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