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22+ Flower Essences for Healing and Transformation

What are flower essences? It may seem a bit mystical to describe what flower essences are, what they do, and how they work. It's a bit like describing how healing crystals or Reiki work or how I can do a Tarot reading for someone without them being present or even on the phone. It's all energy. Things we can see have a lower vibrational energy. Things with a very high and fast vibration, we cannot see, even though they still exist. Just like we cannot see heat or electricity, but know they exist, flower essences, healing crystals, Reiki, and higher beings who see more than human eyes, still exist, even though we cannot see the energy. It is also like the energy that is created in our bodies by eating food- we cannot see what is happening, but we know it is working because our bodies continue to function. So, flower essences are the energetic signatures of flowers. Each flower has a particular healing vibration which is good for a particular set of conditions. If you take a flower essence and it is not right for your particular condition, it cannot harm you; it will just do nothing because it is not in alignment with healing your particular issues. Emotions and thoughts, which are intertwined and affect us physically and mentally, are the primary domain of flower essences. We are whole beings, so working on an emotional level can heal us physically. In fact, there are flower essences recommended for after certain surgeries, such as Cesarian birth.

The effects of flower essences may be subtle or strong depending on your condition and how aligned that flower essence is for your condition. For example, when I took the blend for Heart Strength and Compassion mentioned below, I felt comforted in a time of distress. When I gave it to another person, she experienced pain in her chest, upper back, and lungs because she was releasing pent up heart chakra energy that had accumulated over many years. The pain was nothing that caused harm and nothing that didn't pass, but it was a clear signal that a very big issue was being cleared up and supported.

Directions usually come with the essences- printed on the bottle most times- but generally they are dropped under the tongue or added to a glass of water to sip. Sometimes they come in a spray bottle and you can spray them around your body or in the room where the energy is stagnant or hostile (such as after a fight), or where people need calmness or comfort. You can also apply them to pulse points, add to lotion, or add to a bath.

Though I have listed websites where you can buy these flower essences that I have experience with, I have no affiliations with the companies. I am only recommending what I have used and list the source so you can find it easily if it resonates with you.

Remember to follow medical care and let your health care provider (especially psychologist or psychiatrist) know you are taking the flower essences.  This page is not dispensing medical advice, only providing self-healing resources. A very good FAQ page on flower essences is here.

Bach Flower Essences-

Larch- for self esteem when you fear failure or judgement from others. This one seems to work for me when I get nervous before public speaking or performances or when I am worried about how I'm "performing" as a parent or when I doubt my abilities for anything. (also available through iherb.com from Flower Essence Services.)

Walnut- for moving through new life circumstances without the influence of others. This is one I used after giving birth when I knew what was right for me and wanted support and strength to carry through. Becoming a parent, starting a new job, looking for a new job, dealing with new responsibilities that come with a promotion or caring for loved ones that have recently become ill, divorce, moving, going back to school (especially when others are voicing opposing opinions for your field of study) and any other life changes you need to adapt to call for Walnut flower essence. It helps you transition to the new situation and do what you know is right without other people's voices getting in the way. (also available through iherb.com from Flower Essence Services.)

Star of Bethlehem- for shock and grief after trauma. Good for after the death of a loved one, especially beloved pets or for after an accident or traumatic news. (also available through iherb.com from Flower Essence Services.)

Rescue Remedy- I only mention this one because it is so popular and many people swear by it being helpful in times of stress. However, this is one of those essences that seems to do nothing for me in particular, nor for my sister, so if you try it and it doesn't work, you may need to dig deeper.

Most of the Bach Flower essences I've used, I have bought locally at a health food store, but they are also readily available on the internet through www.iherb.com I do have a code (ZEV497)that earns me credit if people use it and it saves you $5-$10 on your first order. You also get free 1-3 day shipping on orders over $20 and they always ship quickly. You can type in this code when placing your order:ZEV497

Vortex Flower Essences -
Bachlor button- Faith- use when you need help knowing that all is working out for the highest good. (order on this page: http://www.vortexessences.com/mt-shasta-order.html)

Butterfly Bush- The Invitation- Lead an extraordinary life. Use to facilitate gentle graceful change and experience it as gracefully as a butterfly's natural life cycle. During times of great change and transition, allows you to accept the change and move through it smoothly. (order on this page:http://www.vortexessences.com/global-garden-order.html)

Delphinium (Royal)- Self Expression- use when you need help expressing your truth in a graceful and calm way and so you speak from your heart. Help to insure that you are saying what you really mean for the good of all involved. (order on this page: http://www.vortexessences.com/mt-shasta-order.html)

Fleabane- I receive- when you are ready to receive that which you have asked for and know it will arrive. (order on this page: http://www.vortexessences.com/teton-order.html )

Honey suckle- Free Spirit- Remember who you truly are: a divine being free from the shackles of the world. Sweet, sensual freedom guided by your own free spirit. (order on this page: http://www.vortexessences.com/sedona-order.html )

Nasturium- Body Calm/Increase metabolism- I started using this some time after I developed Hashimoto's Thyroiditis since an under functioning thyroid affects metabolism. Urges the speeding up of the body's metabolism calmly and allows for changing thoughts as you visualize your true perfection.  (order on this page:http://www.vortexessences.com/global-garden-order.html )

Red Clover- Frees the protection around the heart so you are free to love and be loved. Gently unknots emotions and allows you to move from one experience to another without holding on. (order on this page: http://www.vortexessences.com/mt-shasta-order.html )

Soloman's Seal- Ancient Wisdom- awaken the wisdom of your Soul. Remember how truly adept you are and allow ancient fear teachings transform. Accept the mystery. Open Soloman's Seal and be free. (currently- 9/30/13- listed in the product list, but not the order page)

Sweet Pea- Community Service- Use to reveal your Divine Life Purpose (currently- 9/30/13- listed in the product list, but not the order page) Also available through iherb at a discount.

Valarian- Let go! & Let's go!- Brings calm, peace, and brain balance during times of expansion. Offers  balance from fear patterning from false fronts and trying to fit in and relief from clumsiness as a result of being ungrounded. (order on this page: http://www.vortexessences.com/sedona-order.html )

Vervain- Pattern Removal- Allow for gentle recognition of patterns in body, mind and spirit for completion and realignment for your soul's requirements at this time. Allow your body's wisdom to make conscious to you patterns that have you controlled by some form of fear. Take while asking for the issue to dissolve, love and trust yourself and watch and accept the changes. (order on this page: http://www.vortexessences.com/sedona-order.html )

Family Harmony- "This blend was formulated to align to the energies of change with the help from the Tibetian, Djwhal Khul, and your own guidance in the spiritual light realms. It supports the restoration of balance and harmony within the family framework. Helping to mend conflictive thought forms at core levels of the individual taking it. Your continual commitment and focused intention to live in a happy, harmonious conscious family life greatly empowers change that is loving, kind and honoring of all concerned. Family Harmony can be used ANYTIME you feel it is appropriate.
(Personally and as a family, as a daily treatment, during family events and holiday, on vacation, during times of challenge).
TO USE : Take under the tongue or in water 1-3x daily for the most effective use for at least 21 days, up to a six months. Alternating 21 days on then 21 days off.
Reported benefits from parents, children, practitioners, and siblings include
Improved communication of desires and needs in a clear, honest peaceful manner.

Dissolving of entrenched judgments towards others in or out of the family tree.
New perspectives that create a willingness to guide instead of control a child’s choices and actions.
A deeper sense of self and worthiness Improved acceptance of each individual’s gifts, abilities, and role within the family’s lifestyle. Family Harmony can accelerate the conscious transformation of cellular stored addictive patterns such as, yet not limited to: abuse; neglect; co-dependent patterns expressing as anger; criticism; competition; comparison; labeling; bargaining; negative beliefs about weight; emotional eating; depression; victim thinking, falsehood, and defensive tendencies." (order here: 
http://www.vortexessences.com/ascendant-living-blends-order.html )
Animal Flower Essence Blends-
(all animal blends from vortex can be ordered here: http://www.vortexessences.com/animal-blends-order.html )
Travel Ease- add to your animal companion's water or drop on nose for comfort while traveling by plane, train, or automobile.

Daily Drops- our animal companions absorb our negative vibrations every day in an attempt to heal us. Help them release these vibrations for over all health.

Rapid Relief- use this when your animal companion has to go to the v-e-t for routine check ups or major medical interventions, before and after grooming, travel, moving, when introducing a new animal or any situation involving rapid change or trauma. Can also be used to help the animal adjust to breeding.

Calm- does just what it says. Brings calm to an animal that is agitated or distressed. Great to use during thunderstorms or when the animal senses you are leaving and needs to relax.

Fox Mountain Flower Essences

Pure Positive EnergyUse to create harmony and dissolve blockages and hardened positions. I use this often if I am having trouble maintaining a positive attitude or start to worry. It has been very useful when I use this in combination with positive affirmations and visualizing positive outcomes.

Angel's Trumpet- "To hear and speak the truth. Purity of communication. Good for those who use words to sway others to their beliefs. Brings clarity in hearing what others are saying - including one's soul's message. Ears, mouth, voice - expression - great for those who push to convert you to their beliefs. Clears up one's channels of communication to receive the truth. Opens you to your God Code." 

Black Eyed Susanuse to move forward with grace and decisiveness, to be action oriented and have that extra drive to get things done. It helps overcome procrastination and lethargy and break abusive patterns.

Fox Mountain also sells butterfly bush, Angelica and many other essences.

Flower Essence Services -
Angelicaconnects you with the Angelic realm so that you feel their protection and guidance; helpful for life passages such s birth and death. (also available at a discount through iherb. See below for discount code on your first order.)

Fuchsia - for bringing suppressed emotions to the surface. Also good for ADHD. My theory on the two being related is that ADHD is characterized by a naturally low arousal system that is "insensitive" to emotions (and hunger cues, safety issues, etc.) and therefore the person with ADHD "puts the emotion away" or does not pay it any attention and it lingers, waiting to be heard, felt and known.
(I'm an Occupational Therapist who worked with children with ADHD). (Also available at a discount through iherb. See below for discount code on your first order.)

Active 8- Promotes positive passion and purpose. Helps when you are starting a new project, need some inner-fire to manifest, but are procrastinating, prevents burn-out and counter acts lethargy. Allows you to know exactly what tasks to focus on and prioritize.  Helpful when someone must lead (especially a household), but is hesitant to do so. (Also available at a discount through iherb. See below for discount code on your first order.)

Fear Less- helps when experiencing panic, fear or anxiety. I have used this when preparing for a performance, and for my son when he has nightmares, and for my dog when there is a thunderstorm or we are preparing to leave or travel and she is anxious. My husband uses it when work really starts piling on and he is becoming overwhelmed. (Also available at a discount through iherb. See below for discount code on your first order.)

Sacred Heart- for integrating heart strength and compassion. For couples to evolve their relationship to the highest level, for rebuilding after divorce or other failed relationships, and for parents/guardians and children so they build nurturing relationships and come from a place of honesty and compassion. Helpful for animal companions and their people so that the animal is secure and there are healthy boundaries and clear communication and for teenagers and young adults when forming new relationships both platonic and romantic. For regenerating heart health when frequently ill. (Also available at a discount through iherb. See below for discount code on your first order.)

Sweet Pea- Helps one to serve the community, form social bonds and find one's place on the Earth. Helpful for those who are homeless or move frequently.(Also available at a discount through iherb. See below for discount code on your first order.)

Flower Essence Services also sells walnut and Star of Bethlehem (see above in Bach's section) and many other essences. Many of their essences are available at discounted prices through www.iherb.com, where you can use the code code (ZEV497)that earns me credit if people use it and it saves you $5-$10 on your first order. You also get free 1-3 day shipping on orders over $20 and they always ship quickly. You can type in this code when placing your order:ZEV497

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