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22+ Healing Crystals to Transform Your Life
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How to use healing crystals: Healing crystals can be used by holding them in your non-dominant/receiving hand and passively going about your day or meditating while holding them. Certain ones, such as amethyst, help you focus your meditation. Try putting a few in your pocket and letting the healing energy calm you throughout your daily activities.  Putting healing crystals in a bath helps you to assimilate their energies.  Certain ones, such as selenite will dissolve in water, so you can put them in a dry spot near the bath for your healing session. You can put them on your bedside table/under your pillow and absorb the energy while you sleep. An alter holding healing crystals will amplify the intent you are setting. Placing healing crystals that correspond to the chakras on these energy centers and relaxing or giving yourself/receiving Reiki is incredibly healing. Healing crystals can be used to attract money (Tiger's eye or Citrine) and love (Rose Quartz).  They can also be used in divination by placing similarly shaped ad sized crystals in a bag and asking a question. The stone (s) you choose reflect different meanings and will have your answer. Jewelry containing healing crystals is especially helpful as you can wear the crystals against your skin all day and reflect their beauty as well.

The crystals in this list were chosen to cover all of the chakras. This page is a work in progress, so be sure to check back later. :)

Clear Quartz- Deeply cleanses the organs and purifies the soul. Good for cleansing the aura and clearing free radicals. It absorbs negative energy and transforms it into healing and positive energy. Amplifies healing and psychic power and helps connect with the Angels. Unblocks all chakras and drives away all fears. To replenish, leave in the noon sun amongst green plants. Associated with the Sun, the sign of Leo and the Crown chakra.

Tourmalated Quartz- Balances mind, body and spirit; unclogs arteries; relieves sinus headaches; heals scars both internally and externally (on the surface); represents the balance of yin and yang;useful for those with Asperger's syndrome and similar personality difficulties which make interacting socially a struggle. It is helpful for healing after a car accident. At home or work, it clears stagnant energy from the past, releases minor resentments,and provides inner strength when you cannot rest, but need to. Overly sensitive animals and children can tolerate noise/sudden movements with this stone. To recharge, place between one light and one dark candle and burn all the way through. Associated with Water and air, the sign of Scorpio and the crown and brow chakras.

Moonstone (white)- A powerful fertility crystal that prevents night terrors and nightmares (especially in children). It relieves premenstrual tension, mood swings, insomnia, hormone/stress related headaches, and issues with pregnancy, childbirth, menstruation, and menopause. Help promote a calm state in hyperactive children by helping them access their natural rhythms. It also helps children who have trouble sleeping to establish regular sleep patterns. Moonstone protects travelers and against road rage. It helps develop psychic abilities gradually and safely. Strongly associated with the moon, it is more powerful as the moon waxes and releases gentle energy as the moon wanes, encouraging our own rest and release. Recharge in the full moon's light from moon rise to moon set. Associated with the element water, the sign of Cancer and the sacral and brow chakras.

Amethyst (Purple)- effective in meditation and psychic work. Brings harmonious energies that can counter stress; the “all healer”.Good for nightmares and charging other stones with healing properties. Amethyst is useful when fighting addictions, including those to food and alcohol. In the distant past, people used amethyst goblets to prevent intoxication when drinking wine. It is helpful in combatting headaches and in maintaining blood sugar levels. Soothes anger and impatience, so it is good for home and work, and for when one feels anxious or overwhelmed. Amethyst protects against pollutants that come from computers, phones, tablets, faxes, and other technology and dark psychic and earth energies. It protects pets from fleas and a pet who drinks amethyst water when ill will become energized, yet calm. Children who find it hard to remain calm and attend to activities can use amethyst for higher function. Associated with the sign of Aquarius, the element of air and the brow chakra.

 Angelite: connects children w/ their guardian angels. Amplifies healing w/ sound; chants. Use w/ chant/meditation to connect w/ child’s guardian angel. Connects children w/ their guardian angel. It regulates the balance of body fluids and helps one gently lose weight. At home and at work, it encourages sensitivity and kindness, deflects cruelty and violence and protects against prejudice and intolerance. Use Angelite to pray to Mother Mary, the female saints and Goddesses and to work with angels. It sends back ill wishes as compassion and helps telepathic communication with loved ones. Associated with the sign of Aquarius, the element of air and the throat and heart chakras.

Apatite: eases teething problems and growing pains. Also regulates the appetite. Strengthens teeth and bones and calms fears surrounding dental work. Helps to ease difficult relationships at home and work by allowing you to express how you feel while maintaining composure. To recharge this delicate stone, place near fresh flowers or on the soil near an herb or plant. Associated with the sign of Libra, the elements of air and earth and the throat chakra.

Lapis Lazuli (Blue)- Helps increase clairvoyant abilities, a good focus for meditation and a powerful crystal for meditation. Relieves headaches, migraines, skin disorders and anxiety, and reduces pain. Helps you gain promotion at work and inspire the trust of others. Use for psychic protection and for meaningful and prophetic dreams. Eases pain in childbirth. It is helpful for children who are highly intelligent, or those who have Asperger's syndrome or Autistic tendencies. Associated with the sign of Libra, the element of air and the brow chakra/third eye.

Sodalite (Blue)- a universal healing crystal, balances blood-sugar and thyroid, gently opens the 3rd eye and focuses an overactive mind for meditation. Useful in creative visualization. Sodalite can help healers understand the underlying issue of a problem/illness and how best to heal it. It cools and calms physical and emotional overheating, a speeding pulse and high blood pressure. Relieving to inflammatory conditions, Sodalite also helps issues with the sinuses, ears, throat, mouth, thyroid, pituitary gland and salivary glands. Associated with the sign of Cancer, the elements of water and air and the throat and brow chakras.

Blue Howlite: floods the system w/ strength and stamina long after treatment has ceased. Excellent for upper part of spine and neck. Encourages children and animals to exercise and be more adventurous. Brings healing dreams. It helps you manifest your long term goals more quickly and is helpful for entrepreneurs. Place w/ watermelon tourmaline/amethyst to rest it. Associated with the sign of Sagittarius, the element of air and the throat chakra.

Amazonite (blue green): Assists the functioning of the passages of the throat, the thyroid gland and nerve and neurological connections and is especially good for breast problems. It is good for the upper spine and encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Powerful and fills the heart with courage and determination to do good in the world. Excellent for working with natural forces, including nature spirits. Useful in weather and animal magic and contacting water and earth spirits. Attracts good luck. Use a mint infusion to recharge. Associated with the sign of Virgo, the element of earth and the heart and throat chakras.

Turquoise- A stone of power and leadership. Helps the wearer communicate more effectively and makes less sensitive to negative influences. Environmentalists find it useful in their work and it is sometimes called, "the campaigners' stone." Turquoise detoxifies the system and is helpful for arthritis, rheumatism, and issues of the chest such as colds/flu, allergies and lung infections. Attracts prosperity and success.It is a good stone to protect children who are being bullied or who need help taking initiative. It opens the third eye and acts as a connection between Earth and Sky/Heaven, so it keeps a person grounded while connecting with higher realms. It prevents pets from straying or getting lost. Associated with the sign of Sagittarius, the elements of fire and air and the throat chakra.

Moss Agate (green): the gardeners’ crystal. Fights cold and flu. Protects against negativity. Prevents dehydration. Slowly attracts money. Beneficial for those who work in horticulture, botany or any form of alternative medicine, especially aromatherapy or herbalism. Carry to increase your understanding of the magical properties of herbs, flowers and trees and to channel wisdom from devas and other nature spirits. It helps lonely children attract friends. Recharge by leaving w/ greenery for a night every month. Associated with the sign of Virgo, the element of earth, and the heart chakra.

Rose Quartz (pink): Eases pain/tension, cuts/bruises, grief, stress, fear/anger. Known as the children’s stone. Children pick out especially if they have a headache. Soothes restlessness and fretfulness. Good for teenage angst; helps a girl through early stages of blossoming womanhood as it is very good for increasing healthy self-love and self-esteem. Releases suppressed emotions. Protects against spite and nightmares. Also a good stone for Empaths. Cleanse and recharge frequently if color begins to fade by sprinkling w/ a few drops of rose water. Associated with the Sign of Taurus, the element of earth, and the heart chakra.

Citrine (yellow)- excellent for the liver, spleen, gall bladder and digestive system. Helps detox the system and is good for back pain and clears skin. Good for helping you think clearly and put your problems in perspective. It is helpful for depression, melancholy, and phobias. Use a citrine inclusion to brighten dark spots in your home. Helps children and teenagers to feel loved and assists in blending step families peacefully. It helps pets, especially ones who have been rescued from a shelter- helps them settle into their new home. It also helps pets settle while traveling or being kenneled. For abundance, charge a citrine crystal by burning a yellow candle next to it at dawn; then, carry the crystal in your pocket, purse or wallet to attract money. Citrines used to be kept in cash registers for this purpose. Citrine does not hold on to negative energy- it transforms it to poisitive energy. You can recharge it by placing in the sun from dawn to noon, but do not do this too often or it will crack. Sign- Gemini, element-air Chakras- 3rd and 7th (solar plexus and crown)

Tiger Eye (Brown)- a stone of protection, prosperity, grounding, courage and grace. Helps to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions. Brings balance to a person's system by speeding it up or slowing it down where needed, reduces cravings for alcohol, tobacco and stimulant, detoxifies, and is helpful when implementing an exercise plan for long term success. Treats problems of the eyes, throat. Attracts success to teenagers and helps young entrepreneurs build computer and business skills. Put a piece of Tiger eye in your wallet to attract money. Recharge in the late afternoon sun. Associated with the sign of Leo, the elements of fire and earth and the solar plexus chakra

Tiger's Eye (Red)- regulates the menstrual cycle, is helpful after surgery, attracts money, improves eye sight (especially night vision), helps children defend against bullies, increases clairvoyance, helps implement ambitious plans, lifts depression and psychosomatic conditions. Associated with the sign of Aries, the element of fire and the root chakra.

Amber- a stone of prosperity and courage. Promotes self-healing and helps healers avoid absorbing negative energy. Melts rigid/confrontational attitudes in others. Relieves depression and anxiety, increases inner radiance and strengthens sense of self-worth. Very soothing and used to ease colic and teething pain in infants. Associated with the sign of Leo, the element of fire, and the solar plexus and sacral chakras.

Carnelian (orange): inspires courage w/o aggressiveness and acts as a balancer for sensitive children. Use as a focus for past-life work and for finding a twin soul. Fills you with confidence and should be worn when you want to be noticed. Relieves PMS, menopausal symptoms and anxiety that prevents orgasm. Also alleviates arthritis (especially in men; woman should use coral.) Relieves addictions, especially those related to food and poor self-esteem. Let your true self free without the fear of others' expectations with carnelian. Acts as a balancer for sensitive children and teenagers. Attract wealth and maintain fish's health by putting a carnelian in a fish tank. Preserves ancient, sacred sites and old buildings. Cleanse w/ sunlight or under running water. Keep w/ other stones to cleanse them of negative energies. It is great for inspiring creativity. Associated with the sign of leo, the element of fire and the solar plexus and sacral chakras.

Coral: soothes teething pain for infants. A fertility stone for women that eases menstrual cramps and regulates the menstrual cycle. Brings luck to the home and protects it and the wearer against accidents. Good for those who work on or near the water and those who rely on the land for a living. Attracts passionate love. Good for creating psychic invisibility when you need to keep a low profile and for discovering the intentions of others. Recharge under the crescent moon. Associated with the sign of Scorpio, the element of water and the heart chakra.

Red Jasper: Aids in circulation, menstrual and menopausal issues. Lifts depression and warms cold limbs/aching joints and muscles. If you've been using artificial contraception for an extended period, use red jasper as a fertility crystal. Helps you warm up and get out of bed on cold winter mornings. Good for anemia or toxicity in the blood. Increases energy and stamina. “too powerful for young children”, but very good for fighting for a child's rights, especially disabled children's rights. Protects against physical threats, psychic attack, accidents or bad luck. Parents can meditate with it for insight for their child. Pass through the flame of a red candle to revitalize it. Associated with the sign of Aries, the element of fire and the root chakra.

Banded agate (brown)- a good general healer. Strengthens the body and mind. Steadies young children and attracts money slowly and steadily. It is good for the skin, liver, digestive system, spleen and kidneys. Use to protect against the adverse effects of x-rays and other radiation, such as cell phones, fluorescent lights and computers. Associated with the sign of Libra, the element of air/earth, and the root and sacral chakras.

Obsidian/Apache tear (black): anti-shock, a natural pain reliever, improves circulation. consoles a traumatized or grieving child. Hold up to sunlight so she can see the light is still present. Alleviates terrors of the dark. Recharge under any light source. Associated with the sign of Scorpio, the elements of earth/air and the root chakra.

Snowflake Obsidian (black and white): improves circulation. Use for warming frozen limbs, help blurred vision, soothe migraines and dissolve deep-seated depression. Removes pain and energizes at the same time. Clears the mind. Protection, good fortune, increases clairaudient powers. Guides children who are liberal with the truth. Helps with transitioning to new circumstances (changing times) and transforming yourself to play a new role or integrate spiritual growth. Burn a tiny dark and a white candle in front of it until candles are burned through to recharge. Associated with the sign of Capricorn, the element of earth and the crown and root chakras.

Black Pearl: clears lung and other infections, helps with post-menopausal issues such as mood swings and allowing for a deeper sense of sexuality. Good for solid masses of the bone, organs and other tissues. Attracts abundance and success and helps protect against accidents- especially those around water. Helps healing from grief, absorbs sorrow and assists children who have encountered evil in the world. Associated with the sign of Scorpio, the element of water and the sacral chakra.

To soothe teething pain: coral, amber, apatite (also an appetite suppressant, so do not leave on infants an extended period. Do the healing work and then remove.)

To calm hyperactivity in children: moonstone, amethyst, purple Fluorite, blue coral

To prevent nightmares: moonstone (night terrors), amethyst, rose quartz, holey stones, black onyx

To maintain balanced blood sugar levels: rainbow moonstone, sodalite, amethyst

For Pre-menstrual Tension/syndrome: Moonstone, kunzite, carnelian, orange calcite (also good for sexual dysfunction or healing from sexual attack or abuse.)

For menstrual difficulties: Coral, red jasper, red tiger's eye

Fertility: moonstone, coral, pink chalcedony

For easing childbirth: lapis lazuli, unakite (associated with Scorpio), malachite, pink chalcedony (especially for first time mothers or those who are having or had Cesarian birth), green moss agate

To detoxify the whole system: clear quartz, turquoise, apophylite, citrine, tiger eye

For weight loss: Angelite, Seraphinite, red agate, tiger eye (brown), apatite, amethyst

To fight addictions: amethyst, kunzite, carnelian, tiger eye

To heal scar tissue: Tourmalated quartz, blue coral

To heal from grief: rose quartz, black obsidian/Apache tear, black pearl

Working with nature spirits, elementals and Fairies: green moss agate, amazonite, apophylite, blue chalcedony

Environmental work to fight drought: moss agate, red jasper

Environmentalism: Turquoise, amazonite

To attract love: coral, rose quartz

Sources: "The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals: A Comprehensive Guide to 150 Crystals and Gemstones" by Cassandra Eason and "Crystal Therapy" by Doreen Virtue


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