Healing Crystal Jewelry

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Choose either the Green Aventurine and Lapis or Dalmatian and red Jasper (or custom similar to these) from the menu below

Green aventurine clears the heart chakra, opening the way for love, attracts money, and good fortune. Lapis lazuli opens the 3rd eye for increased insights, instills a deep calm, and is especially good for those in pain, those with ADHD or Autism, and those who are very intelligent. Ancient Egyptians crushed lapis and put it on the eyelids for aesthetic and medicinal purposes. Sterling silver crimps amplify the other properties. Toggle clasp is silver plated. Measures a little less than 7 1/2 inches. $67 includes priority shipping to the contiguous 48 United States. 

Dalmatian and red Jasper- Jaspers are very nurturing stones. Dalmatian jasper encourages playfulness and is very grounding (helps you feel steady). Red jasper corresponds to the root chakra, bringing balance to matters of home, finances, and security. It is anti-anxiety, helps with manifestation, and a stone of passion. The hand made clasp is made of copper, which is very grounding and hypo-allergenic (Very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.) Sterling silver crimps amplify the other properties.  Measures about 7 1/2". $67 includes priority shipping to the contiguous 48 United States. 

Healing Crystal Bracelet

I can take custom orders for healing crystal jewelry. If you or a loved one have specific needs*- stress-relief, better sleep, spiritual growth, tranquility, increased patience, anti-anxiety, help with depression symptoms, help feeling more stable or hopeful, inspiration support, spiritual connection, and much much more are what healing crystals can help with. I am an Empath focused on healing and an Artist focused on beauty. I am guided by my Higher Self and Spiritual Support team. I can work within a budget or the sky's the limit. From simple to elaborate designs are possible. Use the button above to make a $40 deposit (holiday special), or we can arrange for me to set up an Etsy listing for a credit card payment, and I can get started. Deposits are non-refundable, but are applied to your final balance. If you are using PayPal, in the message/comments section, leave details for what you're interested in (we can start with anything from favorite colors to what you would like help with or to improve in your life). Otherwise email Narah (at) me (dot) com. First come first served for holiday deadlines. 

*To read about healing crystal properties, see my healing crystal information page here.

Here are some examples of previous custom orders:

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