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Angel Numbers
I began to really pay attention to repeating number sequences about 4 years ago. First, I began looking at the Sacred Scribes website and then read Doreen Virtues book, Angel Numbers 101. Now, I have the app Angel Numbers 101 where you can type a number from 0-999 and get a short description of the meaning. So, if you would like to continue to read up after this class, those are some resources I recommend. In addition, Ive included my personal experiences and the information that Ive received on certain number combinations and additional meanings. These are not things that you will find in those resources because its the information filtered through me.

What are Angel Numbers? Angel numbers are number sequences that get your attention, make you feel like theres some significant reason you should note them, and often repeat. Its like Morse code, but with Angels and numbers instead of dots and dashes.

Where do you see them? On the clock, on appliances that count down the time on a cycle (dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer) or something that measures temperature, the odometer on the car, license plates, receipts, order numbers, phone numbers on bill boards while youre driving, Facebook and Instagram likes, comments, shares, and views, addresses (even ones you see in a picture), your phone (not just the clock, but the % of battery power. There have been many times that the time and my % battery were but one number different, showing both synchronicity and a strong Angel number message). The % battery on a laptop, and email count, etc. are places you will see numbers of note also. Yes, Source is everything including your phone and laptop. Who do you think came up with the idea. ;)

When do you see them? Its most often when you happen to be looking at something or you feel the urge to look a certain place, but you dont know exactly why. That is your angels nudging you to get the message. I often see them in my minds eye as I close my eyes and start to relax for sleep, or while dreaming. Theyve been written on a window wall or some other structure/part of a wall, so the message was literally written on the wall. You might see them during meditation, while getting a massage, or in Savasana/relaxation pose during yoga.

Why do you see them? There are many ways in which Spirit communicates, but this code is an efficient way to convey something quickly. Plus, its just not practical to have a teleprompter in front of you all the time. You might not have developed clairaudience or some other sense, and this is an effective way to get your attention. If it werent, you wouldnt be here, curious as to why you keep seeing those numbers! J

0s are Source, Spirit, the Universe, Mother-Father God, the Infinite- there is no beginning nor end in a circle. The circle represents the cosmos and is sacred across many cultures. 0s say that God(dess) is with us, guiding and loving us, Their Divine Child, and we may ask for help in any way. Key phrases- The Great Creator, Mother-Father God(ess) is with you, loving you and supporting you, reminding you of your Divinity. Ask for anything.

1s- This is a reminder to keep your thoughts positive because an energy gate has opened and you are manifesting your thoughts rapidly. It reminds us that we make our own reality and like attracts like, so focus on what you Truly want for the highest good rather than worry. Worrying attracts more to worry about. Complaining attracts more to complain about. 1s are also about being a self-starter, forging your own path, and having confidence. 11 is called the Illuminator, and reminds those who are here to inspire others to remember their Soul mission and Life Purpose; to shine their inner divine light. It says to pay attention to your new thoughts and ideas as they are answers to your prayers. 11:11 is known as the awakening code and usually the first angel number people notice. When you see it, know that the Divine is saying to think about what you want rather than what you dont want. Some people make a wish. I use it as a chance to repeat the mantra Im in alignment with the Universe. Depending on what I was thinking, I might start with Im thinking positively or I deserve to have what I want, etc.
Key phrases- Think positively as your thoughts become your reality. Take initiive.

2s represent balance, harmony, and especially faith and trust. When you see 2s, you are being asked to trust yourself, your guidance, your intuition, and the Divine. You are reminded that if you leave the final details up to God, you get an outcome thats even better than you expected. Use it as a chance to say, I release all that does not serve me to Heaven or I trust what the Divine has in mind for me. Or I have faith in my abilities 22 is the Master Healer number and is associated with the healing archangel Raphael.
Key phrases- Trust. Have faith.

3s are the number of the Ascended Masters. It is the Ascended Masters (those who lived here and mastered being human, so they really know what theyre doing and how to guide you in relatable ways- Saints, goddesses and gods, prophets, and countless teachers) 33 is the Master Teacher number. They tell us that they are here to support and help us- we only have to ask. Because of free will, we do actually have to ask. They are part of our spiritual support team and love us unconditionally. They are messengers and beings of light, so they fit the very basic definition of angel. They can be with everyone at once, so you are not inconveniencing them or taking away from others being helped by asking for help.
3s tell us to stay focused on our dreams/manifestation efforts by staying positively focused and inspired. It encourages us to maintain peaceful discipline and keep moving forward with your dreams. They tell us that any projects that we are considering or already undertaking are blessed, encouraged, and that you will be assisted in your endeavors. Key phrases- the Ascended Masters are with you, loving, supporting and guiding you. They are available to help, so just ask.

4s are associated with the angels and 44 with the Archangels especially. Archangels are like the managers of the guardian angels. Each one is associated with specific areas of specialties and you may find that certain ones resonate with you more strongly, as you might be drawn to specific Ascended Masters. (The specifics of which archangels area of expertise will be covered in a separate class like this one.) 4 represents stability and reminds us that loving, helpful angels are around and ready to assist you with your endeavors, to provide calming comfort, and bolster your inner strength. 444 or 4:44 is a strong reminder that angels surround and support you, ready to help with anything that you need or want for the highest good. They are saying, were here, we love you, and you can count on us for help. Again, because of free will, you must ask. The only time the higher realms intervene on our behalf without asking is when our lives are in danger before our time. If youre not sure of what to as for, you can always say an affirmative prayer of gratitude such as Thank you angels for being with me, loving, and supporting me whenever I have doubt or slip into fear-based thinking or worry. Thank you for guiding me and helping me to understand your signs and messages so that I move along my intended path easily and with joy.  Key phrases- The angels are with you providing love, comfort, and support. They are here to guide and assist you. Ask them for anything.

5s represent change, either suggesting it or referring to it.  They ask that we stay present through changes, adapt, and go with the flow because change is inevitable. 5s are a reminder to keep a positive attitude and anticipate the best outcome possible, staying centered in the eye of the storm. Keep an eye out for opportunities as a result of these changes, and look within for what you truly want when it comes to making decisions. They say to have courage and remain free of attachments that dont serve you. Let it go!
Key phrases- change is coming or being suggested. Stay centered and optimistic for the highest good.

6s represent our earthly security and material world. Home, family, parenting, material needs, and problem solving related to these matters. Through the number 6, the angels are saying to exchange worry for gratitude. When we are grateful, we expand and make room for more for which to be grateful. If you have shelter, clothing to protect you from the elements, food to eat, clean, running water, and internet access, you have a great list of things for which you can be grateful. And lets not forget about the fact that youre breathing and your neurons are firing enough to recognize that you want to absorb this information! That means youre here- a miracle given the number of Souls lined up wanting to incarnate- and participating in life. Your Soul came here to live, and learn, and youre doing just that, so mission accomplished. Worry attracts more about which to be worried. At times, even when our original inspiration for our current projects or path was highly spiritual, concerns about money and health pop up. The angels say to find a balance between taking steps to achieve what you hope to accomplish and what your Soul needs in the Truest sense- peace, joy, freedom, expression, pleasure, play  Also, find the balance between giving and receiving, as both are equally important. As you care for and nurture others, make sure that you do so from a full well; that you have cared for yourself first and allowed others to care for you too. Inhale and exhale. As above, so below. Embody your True Spiritual self while meeting daily needs. Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. 6 can also mean that what your thinking about ort the problem youre trying to solve has to be met with both intuition and intellectualism. If youre focusing on the facts too much, play, meditate, or do something that will allow your Inner Child and Higher Self through to do the talking. Conversely, you might need to make a pro-con list if youre not feeling grounded. Key phrases- dont worry. Focus on solutions and spiritual service for the highest good.

7s are a sign that you are on the right path! You are being encouraged to continue with your positive attitude, remaining grateful, being courageous, letting go of procrastination, being joyous, having fun in your tasks, and shining your light. 7 is basically a high 5 from the angels.  It speaks of success, fulfilling your lifes purpose and Soul mission, all obstacles being removed and the Angels helping you to persevere in your individual, non-conformist, spiritually and heart based projects, service, and businesses.  Key phrases- you are on the right path, so keep going. Congratulations, we applaud your efforts.

8s symbolize abundance- those things that we consider supply such as health, joy, opportunities, advice, money and other material goods. It also represents infinity and in Truth, supply is infinite and there is enough for everyone. Key phrases- Abundance is available and on the way. Stay open to receive. Youre on a roll!

9s speak of our Lifes Purpose- what we came here to learn, to do, and to experience. While it certainly can be a career that is part of our Lifes Purpose, we came here for so much more. We are we supposed to experience relationship with and therefore learn from. Relationships include those in your original family- parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc; romantic relationships, business partnerships, creative collaborations, friendships, and brief encounters with people you may never see again. We may have the purpose of shifting our focus from previous dreamscapes/lifetimes. If you primarily gave to others before, you must learn to give to yourself. The converse is true as well. Living a joyful life is not just great for you, and a life goal to hold sacred, but it actually improves the lives of those around you, and around them, and so forth into the world.

9s say that we are ready to step out into the world and serve our purpose for the greater good, so take action steps to follow your dreams.

Key phrases- Your Divine Life Purpose is much needed in the world. Take action/thank you for taking action in fulfilling your Lifes Mission.

The more a number is repeated, the more intense its message is. Hence, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 666, 777, 888, 999, 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 1313, etc, are powerful, attention getting methods the angels employ to communicate with you.

Also notice the order in which you notice the numbers. You might notice 2:33 and then later see 3:32, but notice the numbers in reverse. Or, you might pay a lot more attention to the 44 in 5:44, so the Angels are sending a stronger message that they are with you, providing comfort and love through the changes that youre experiencing.

Other combinations:

12:34 (123, 234, 1234)  Seeing numbers in order like this is a sign to keep taking simple steps to move forward. Break things down into manageable steps and take one at a time. Steady persistence helps you to avoid burn out. Its also an acknowledgement of your dedication, which leads you to abundance and success.

When numbers turn as youre watching the clock, both numbers are messages. Twice in the same day, Ive seen 12:34 turn to 12:35, and then 2:34 to 2:35, so the message was encouragement and congratulations for moving further along on my path and taking the steps necessary to fulfill my purpose.

The same day, I saw 5:43 and it felt like taking a step back to gain perspective. As I was writing up this class that day, it felt like additional information coming through to share as well as a personal message.

1:44 or 11:44- This number, Ive come to realize refers to Light workers and reminds them of their vows and commitment before incarnating to be a positive force in the world and offer their gifts. Light workers might be healers, those who work with crystal grids, pray for and meditate for the world, those who inspire others and/or teach them with their art and/or spiritual knowledge, those who keep their vibrations light and strong in order to hold light in their bodies, ones who truly walk their walk and live life according to what their heart says in order to inspire and show others that its possible. They help the world to wake up and contribute to the forces of light to keep the darkness at bay. 144,000,000 Souls came to Earth in order to restore balance and usher in a new world the lives from unconditional love. 12:12 is also related to 144 in that 12 x 12 = 144.  144 or 12:12 can also indicate that youve recently completed an energetic download (either with information that will come to light when you need it or in order to hold more light for more balance in the world) or have just completed trans dimensional travel. You may have traveled outside your body to help someone or gather necessary information during dream time or meditation. Dont worry. If youre seeing the number, then youre awake, back in your body and the long silver chain that attaches the Soul to the body did its job.

13 is a number associated with the Goddess/the Goddesses. Masculine energy has long been dominate and the Divine feminine is rising to bring back balance into the world. Nurturing, receiving, creative, intuitive, artistic, sensitive, joyful pleasurable energy is making a comeback. Did anyone see Wonder Woman? Only Love can save the world.  Lately, Ive been seeing 12:13 a lot. To me, it means both that They are acknowledging that Im taking steps and moving further along my path, but also that Im fulfilling my purpose to contribute to the rise of the Divine Feminine.

Numbers that mirror each other, such as 1001/10:01 (my vision of them is that its like they have a hinge in the middle and can fold over on each other) or even 6s and 9s in different areas (because they are the other one upside down,) suggest taking a snapshot of the moment and remind us to act in a way that embodies the principle as above, so below- to live life from the highest Spiritual Truths. Let your Highest Self drive your Earthly life rather than the ego.

747, 757, and 777 are all types of planes, and Spirit likes to speak in ways that we relate to and also in puns, so they are all messages that say fly high or youre flying high. 747 also indicates the support of the angels (who know a thing or two about flight), and 757 applauds the changes that you are implementing as they are moving you quickly towards your dreams.

Some short interpretations of other combinations:

1s and 0s- Mother-Father God reminds you to stay positive and take action on your Divinely guided ideas. Remember that you are of the Divine and can ask for help always.

1s and 2s- think positively and have faith.

1s and 3s- the Ascended Masters are helping you think positively/are reminding you to do so.

1s and 4s- same as above, but with the Angels.

1s and 5s- think positively about the changes youre experiencing/planning.

1s and 6s- think positively and let go of worries about the material world.

1s and 7s- stay positive and youll be on/stay on the right path.

1s and 8s- stay positive to attract and remain open to abundance.

1s and 9s- stay positive about and take action to fulfill your lifes purpose. You can do it!

2s and 0s- Mother-Father God(dess) says the keep the faith. Ask for help in trusting.

2s and 3s- The Ascended Masters say to keep the faith. They can help boost your faith when asked.

2s and 4s- The Angels say to keep the faith. They can help boost your faith when asked.

2s and 5s- Keep the faith and trust the changes that are happening. Have faith that you can make the changes that youre thinking of making.

2s and 6s- Dont worry and keep the faith. Trust that your material needs are being met.

2s and 7s- Trust that youre on the right path. Have faith and you will continue on the right path. Shine your light unwaveringly.

2s and 8s- The more trust you have in the Divine, the more abundance you experience. Have faith that abundance is on its way and stay open to receive.

2s and 9s- Have faith in your Divine Life Purpose and spiritually based career. You are much needed in the world and fulfilling your mission is important.

3s and 4s- the Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels are with you, support, and love you. Ask them for help with anything.

3s and 5s- The Ascended Masters are guiding and helping you with changes in your life for the betterment of all.

3s and 6s- The Ascended Masters remind you to balance your focus on the material world with Spiritual practices and Truth. You are safe and materially supported with their guidance and help.

3s and 7s- The Ascended Masters are applauding you on being on your personal right path. Keep going!

3s and 8s- The Ascended Masters are ushering in abundance into your life. Open your arms, heart, and mind in order to receive.

3s and 9s- The Ascended Masters are helping you to take action for your Lifes Purpose and fulfill your Lifes Mission.

4s and 5s- The Angels and Archangels are guiding and helping you with changes in your life for the betterment of all.

4s and 6s- The Angels and Archangels remind you to balance your focus on the material world with Spiritual practices and Truth. You are safe and materially supported with their guidance and help.

4s and 7s- The Angels and Archangels are applauding you on being on your personal right path. Keep going!

4s and 8s- The Angels and Archangels are ushering in abundance into your life. Open your arms, heart, and mind in order to receive.
4s and 9s- The Angels and Archangels are helping you to take action for your Lifes Purpose and fulfill your Lifes Mission.

5s and 6s- The changes youre making or considering are insuring your material security and balance of Spirit and Earthly focus and needs.

6s and 7s- Creating a balance between focusing on the material world and that of Spirit maintains movement on your personal right path in life. Dont worry.

6s and 8s- Dont worry. You already have abundance in your life. Open to receive what is on the way.

6s and 9s- Focus on your Divine Lifes Purpose rather than worrying about material needs. You are safe, guided, and needed for this mission.

7s and 8s- You are on the right path for abundance!

7s and 9s- You are on the right path regarding your Divine Lifes Purpose!

8s and 9s- Focusing on and taking action on your Divine Lifes Purpose creates great abundance in your life!

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