"Your tarot card reading was the most in depth reading I have received so far and it was right on. It has helped me very much in my healing process. You are very gifted. I will say it again and again, You are Amazing!!!" ~LC

"So many things you said makes sense. That made me feel amazingly better. I LOOOOVED the reading!" ~TS

"Narah gave me a reading that captured not only the essence of my situation, but examined the details. She shared with me all the of the cards that popped out during the reading, and explored those with me as well. I loved receiving the reading in writing, so that I could review it as needed. Narah also journeyed with me beyond the reading, answering all my questions, clarifying, and working with me to open my eyes to what I had not seen right in front of me. I was amazed!" ~CV

"Wow, you got all that from the reading? You are so dead-on. It is impressive. Really the whole reading was quite amazing. I feel it fits me very well. I really do value it. " ~RB

"Wow! You are good! You gave me chills!" ~AM

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