I am an Empath. This means that I feel what others feel as if they were my own emotions in my body. It goes beyond having empathy and imagining what someone might be feeling or sensing by attending to my intuition. At times, I have had to work to discern whose emotions I'm feeling, though other times, I clearly feel something that has no thoughts attached to it and know it is not mine. My whole life I have had this ability, though I did not know that it was not part of everyone's existence until early adulthood. As a child, I absorbed my family's pain: my Mother said I cried when my siblings got shots, but they did not. My Mother's last two births and my two births were so eerily similar- down to the birth dates being a day apart from my siblings' and experiencing the same physical sensations (shaking from fatigue for the 2nd, even though the labor was not as long as my first); the first being a very long labor ending in Cesarian due to positioning. These facts and more led me to know (eventually) that my birth experiences were a way to release what I had absorbed from her labors and deliveries. Being an Empath, means that usually the person also naturally has other senses, such as clairvoyance (clear sight-seeing visions in my case), clairaudience (hearing sounds, animal or other voices... no, not the ones that tell you to do bad things and classify you as mentally ill!), clairsentience (clear sensing/feeling- positive/negative energy, feeling the presence of other entities, feeling when there is danger and feeling energy from the past; for example, when I was in Ireland, on top of Blarney castle, I had a great sense of fear/panic overwhelm me and a clear feeling that I _had_ to get away), and claircognizance (knowing the facts without a clear memory of exactly where it came from). These are all things that I experience regularly, but when I tune in during a reading, they are stronger. Dreams also tell me of things to come. Once, I had a dream that my father was in a daze and had such difficulty walking because his left side was paralyzed that I had to help him walk. His eyes were glazed and he could not see in the dream. I was visiting my brother in Portland, OR when I had this dream and called my Mom, though it was in the middle of the night in Portland and still very early AM in West Virginia, where my Mom was. When I told her about my dream, she said, "well, I guess you knew something happened. Your Maw Maw is in the hospital and unconscious. Her left leg was broken and she threw a blood clot." In this case, the dream told me of 2 things to come: my grandmother's condition and my father's future stroke. Today, he is in his 5th year of left sided paralysis after a stroke. Empaths are naturally drawn to work in healing professions. In one form or another, my choices of profession have always been a healer. As a child, I chose nurse, psychologist, and eventually settled on Occupational Therapist since it also incorporated creative activity (at the time). Even the desire to be a writer and artist eventually turned their way to the healer's path. This drive to help others heal runs through all of my offerings. As a Tarot reader, I am able to get to the core of how someone feels about a situation and provide the clues for the direction to take which would be the most healing. As a belly dance instructor, I am very aware of the moving and healing energy the dance and connection to music creates and encourage my students to be aware and honor that as well. As a mixed media collage artist, I know how centering it is to paint and glue paper and how cathartic it is to tell a story through art. This is passed along when I teach art workshops and courses as well. The jewelry I make is full of symbolism and uses healing crystals so that their energy can remain close to your body and do its work. Reiki is Universal Energy that heals the body and clears spaces of stagnant or negative chi. My attunement level is that of a Master healer and I am capable of healing in person, at a distance, and of attuning others to the Reiki symbols. Knowing about many of my past lives has not only been very self-healing, it has allowed me to realize that on an infinite Soul level, I have always been creative, spiritual, and a healer. Wise woman, Buddhist nun, Shawnee Medicine man... In other lifetimes, I have also delivered messages from other realms. Above all, it has confirmed that my Soul's calling is to do exactly what I am doing now in service to humanity.

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