Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Tarot Reading

2014 Year Ahead reading with Angel Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

Happy New Year! I did a "year ahead" reading for you, my blog readers. Even if you are here for the first time, you have messages here. :) This is not as detailed as an individual reading would be, but there's definitely a story here. Enjoy!

January- Ten of water- a happy family, emotional and material needs are met. Relationships are trustworthy. Family can be the one you were born into, the one youve created, or the one youve chosen via friends or business. People have positive emotions surrounding the new year.

February- Six of water- memories from the past are re-surfacing. This can be memories from childhood or past lives that are affecting the present. You may be wishing that things could be like the good ol days and that is keeping you from moving forward in this year as it is. The old structure is gone, so allow yourself to awaken and flow with the moment.

March- Page of Water- this month comes in with a lot of emotion and sensitivity. A young person who is creative and emotional can play a key role. A relationship either begins or a current one reaches a new phase. Try to keep your head above water as these feelings- which can be the heightened state of new love- play out. A cardinal grand cross starts this month and psychic abilities play a key role. You are more sensitive to this intense energy, so stay grounded with red jasper, smoky quartz, onyx and tourmalated quartz.

April- King of Earth- This is a good month for material matters. Business is good and anything you put your efforts into flourishes because you have the Midas touch at this time. Earth Day is in April! You may be planning something special to honor Mother Earth. This card also represents generosity.

May- Knight of Air- Events are moving very quickly at this time. Though something requires immediate attention, avoid acting rashly. Think through your options first. You will come up with a creative solution for this matter. The horse/unicorn in this picture is drawing my attention and reminding me again of the year of the Horse, which is in full swing at this time. Have you meditated on Horse and what he may teach you? Keep these lessons in mind as you come to the rescue this month.

June- The Wheel- This is a major arcana card representing a significant lesson that has been learned (from Horse last month). You have successfully completed this cycle in your life and are full of gratitude.

July- Unity- This card is telling us that we share the wisdom we have gleaned as of late and are able to surround ourselves with more birds of a feather.

August- Four of Fire- This card represents stability, a steady output of energy. You are content, peaceful, and happy with the results of your completed projects. You are rewarded with abundance from the efforts youve put in earlier in the year.

September- Ten of Earth- this is another happy family card. You are still feeling stable and secure in finances and emotions, but are encouraged to still appreciate the little things. Spend time in nature and enjoy life.

October- Five of Earth- This card represents drama, conflict, and being stuck in the middle. Its like being stuck between two walls and bouncing between them, trying to get out. The devils in the details this month as there is a lot to manage and keep track of. Just remember that the changes are for the highest good and for the betterment of all. (I just saw 555 as the number of words I wrote before I wrote that- the angel number for positive changes.) 

November- Renewal reversed- this card reversed means that you have come to a point where you have to choose whether to stay in a situation or to move on. In this case, it indicates that you have looked at what youve been through (last month had a lot of drama) and decided to no longer stay in this situation that is draining you.  Remember not to give in to worry as it only makes any situation worse. You are supported by the Universe, which is full of unconditional love.

December- Ten of Fire- Too much is going on and your health is suffering because of the stress. The holidays can do that sometimes, but in this case they are adding to the fallout of the events of the previous month. Be sure to delegate where possible and meditate to stay steady.  Be wary of any back issues, or those who need to get off your back. Yoga asanas will keep your muscles strong and flexible and your mind centered.  The year of the Wood Horse is nearing its end (February is the Chinese New Year) in Sagittarius (1/2 horse) at this point and it seems its not going down without a fight. ;)

Remember that the new moon is tonight, on New Year's Day. That's very powerful medicine, so state your intentions. I hope this reading has given you some direction as to which way to go.


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