Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014 Year of the Horse -New Moon, New Year, Jump Start Belly Dance Class

A couple days ago, I found out 2014 is going to be the year of the horse- Year of the Wood Horse, to be exact. This explains why on Tuesday, the card with the Horse Goddess was drawn along with the Star, which is about making optimistic long term plans!! There will be a new Moon on New Year's day this year. New Moons are about setting intentions and traditionally we set new intentions with "resolutions " on new years day. If ever there were a time to set a new intention and have it really stick, this is it.

The year of the wood horse is marked by speed, wild abandon, luck, following your gut, surprises, and rule bucking. Acting quickly and with decisiveness brings great rewards this year. According to this website- those was born under the sign of Horse, Tiger, Dog, or Sheep (or any of those in their 4 pillars) fair best this year. Those born under the sign of the Rat should be extra cautious.

My recommendation for exploring horse medicine makes extra sense now. So, if you are drawn to jewelry, images, books, and especially spending time with horses, follow those instincts. Find out what Horse has to teach you. Meditate on Horse and discover the messages he has for you.

If you would like a Tarot reading for the upcoming year, I offer a 12 card reading which highlights a card for each month. You can also get a general reading for the year with any of the spreads mentioned on this page. Remember, you do not have to schedule an appointment for my readings. You will get your answers quickly, which Horse appreciates. :-)

I'm looking towards the New Year with so much excitement!! I've decided to hold a small "jump start" class the 1st weekend in January. Saturday, January 4th, 2-3pm, I'm holding a class that will balance your chakras, raise your consciousness and bring awareness to your intentions. We will start with yoga and belly dance to balance the chakras, then I will guide you through a short meditation and journaling session. There is only room for 4 people to take advantage of this rare opportunity, so act quickly! The class will be held in my Mt. Lebanon home studio. The cost is only $20 a person. Send payment and register by clicking the button below or calling 304-276-DANCE.

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