Thursday, December 26, 2013

Shiva Lingham Stone

How was your Christmas (if you celebrate)? Ours was really nice. We were pretty relaxed about it... At least I was. Because I usually have a teething baby attached to me, my husband took care of the wrapping and cooking. It was just us since we were unable to make it to my parents' house. Video calls were had with both sets of parents/grandparents, plus my sister and nephew. So, we got some face time, which was great. 

Normally, my husband and I do not buy each other gifts for Xmas. This year, my husband decided to break "the rules" and surprised me with this amazing set of healing crystals! 

The large one is a Shiva Lingum stone and is incredibly powerful. Before he gifted this to me, I hadn't seen nor known of these stones.  When I looked them up, I was blown away! They are only found in a sacred river in India- the Narmada. Villagers polish them by hand and they are naturally egg shaped. They represent the unity of the masculine (phallic shape) and feminine (egg shape and the beautiful designs on the stone).  All chakras are charged and Kundalini energy is raised by these stones. They help to break up old patterns to make way for new ones and further inner transformation. The first 3 chakras are especially affected by this stone and therefore increases energy and vital health. 

The 2 stones on the sides are "hyper stones" according to the man at the store where DH bought these. They are naturally heart shaped!! We both did some research, but haven't found any information on them yet. Perhaps meditation will reveal the properties. :) Do you know anything about them? I'm wondering if "hyper stone" is a pet name and there's a more official term for them. 

The double terminated tourmalated quartz was a special find. It helps you see the truth, stay grounded, clear your energy, heal after accidents and surgeries and helps heal scar tissue. At home and work, it allows you to let go of little resentments. The double terminated (points on both ends) property completes the energy flowing in and out of whomever is working with the crystal. 

The gorgeous amethyst cluster has such a deep color and reflects the light so beautifully. That deep purple will really amplify the all healing properties of the cluster. 

Blue tiger eye sits at the front. This was definitely on my "must get" list. Blue tiger eye helps with communication and balances the upper and lower chakras. It is calming and assists with relaxing when one is speaking publicly. 

I'm feeling very grateful and looking forward to working more with these stones. 

Another healing crystal bracelet is up in my Etsy store! Clear Quartz and Hill Tribe Silver. Clicking on the picture will take you to the listing. Please click the heart on the listing to favorite or buy if it calls to you. 

Have a great day and if you are spending time with friends and family, enjoy! 

Blessings to you, friends!!

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