Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How to Find Your Soul's Unique Purpose

We are all here to learn, grow, experience joy, inspire and help each other, release, and forgive. Beyond that, we each have a unique configuration of experiences, talents, and interests that make our Soul Mission different than everyone else's. If the Universe did not have a need to experience itself as thhe exact way that you are, then you would not exist. Your purpose may change - there are large and small themes. There are many purposes you have that play out simultaneously. How do you find out what your individual purpose is this lifetime? You can go about it in any and all of the following ways:

1. A Life Purpose reading by me.
2. Meditation- ask and listen
3. Past Life Regression- try this CD by Doreen Virtue and/or this book and CD (both CD's are available as audio downloads)
4. An Astrology/Natal chart consultation with an astrologist who looks at the Soul's Journey.

While I've done all of the above, my most recent experience was with #4- an astrology chart consultation with Katie of Empowering Astrology. I've been following Katie on Facebook for a bit and her method of looking where the Soul has been and themes that are played out in this lifetime was intriguing and appealing to me. What Karma do I have to clear in this lifetime?

Well, I found out a good bit about that and more in our one hour consultation. While Katie is clearly an expert Astrologist and I'm enthusiastic and have a lot to learn (because, wow, is there a lot to learn), I was able to follow her and get a lot of information about what to pay attention to in my Soul's work. (She also provides an audio recording, so you can go back and listen for further insight.) Previously, I mentioned that she saw that my connection to the other side is extremely powerful and direct because I've already been the Shaman in so many lifetimes. When I mentioned Tarot and Reiki, she was sure to point out that I really need to own my power because Tarot is just barely scratching the surface and Reiki is a bridge to something deeper.

By looking at the chart and using her intuition, she was able to see themes of the trials I've been through. The timelines she gave me for certain events that I have felt would happen lined up. She was able to explain why each January 1st was a trigger for me and see key people in my life who provide opposition. In a big way, it was a big validating relief that it was all marked out in the chart for my life plan and it wasn't just me imagining things or getting into messy situations on my own. She was able to confirm that it is my purpose at this time to teach people to heal themselves.

The sessions (we broke it into 2 half hour sessions because that worked better for me) have led me to look more into Shamanism. When she mentioned me being a Shaman in past lifetimes, I heard Native American singing (I know I was a Shawnee medicine man and was Cherokee in the 500's) and saw a scene of that life as a Shawnee medicine man. Through my Tarot/Oracle card readings, I do already contact the higher realms and deliver messages and advice for healing. Apparently, I'm already working in dreams to help people as well. So, I'm interested to see how this all develops. I am so grateful for this life.

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