Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tarot Card Tuesday- The Moon

It's Tarot card Tuesday again, and it seems you all are dreaming up something wonderful that will come to fruition soon! The Tarot card I pulled for you today is The Moon- one of the Major Arcana, which indicates a significant event. In this card from the Victorian Fairy Tarot deck by Lunaea Weatherstone, the fairy dreams under a full moon. The moon represents our subconscious, where dreams are generated by our higher selves and the higher realms. Dreams can be mysterious with their symbols and layered messages. We must use our inner vision as well as our outer vision to make sense of them. This fairy is open to all those mysteries and the unfolding of them, as you must be. Have patience, but you will not have to wait long, for the Fairy Oracle card card (from Magical Messages from the Fairies by Doreen Virtue) tells us that your dreams will come true in the winter months.  The first official day of winter is coming up soon on the Winter Solstice- December 21st.  We celebrate the return of the light and hope for bright days ahead. Many holidays are celebrated during the last 2 weeks in December and you may be dreaming up gatherings with friends and family. With these 2 cards, I am sure you will find Empowering Astrology's update from yesterday as interesting as I do!!
 "Dreamy Moon in Pisces making a grand water trine to Jupiter and Saturn today. A grand trine is like a big triangle formation with three planets in the same element (water) forming the angles. The aspect will be fleeting, peaking around mid-day, but will be active well into the evening EST. This aspect will be perfect for creative visioning and anchoring inspiration into the physical. So what big idea do you have? How can you use the magic of today to make it real?"

What are your dreams telling you? What do you need to pay attention to? I'm sure that the grand water trine spurred some interesting night time travels for you. If you are having trouble remembering any dreams, spend some time in meditation and ask for some insight on what your subconscious has been attempting to make you aware of. 

If you would like a dream interpretation reading, see the description on my Tarot Readings page. 

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