Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tarot Card Tuesday- Meaning of 9 of Summer/Cups and more

Nine of Summer (Nine of Water or Cups) from the Victorian Fairy Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone 
Epona or Crystals from the Ascended Masters Oracle card deck by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Hello! Well, if you aren't already having a good day, then you'll be feeling pretty happy soon, because the card I drew from the Victorian Fairy Tarot deck for you is the Nine of Summer, also known as   9 of Cups in traditional Tarot. This suit is all about emotions and the 9's are about extremes, both positive and negative. In this case, the emotions are positive, because you get your wish! There are 2 "wish" cards in Tarot- this one and the Ace of Fire.  In the picture, the Fairy dances about with the fireflies exuberantly. Spearmint for virtue, moon flower for dreams and Fairy Flax for weaving dreams into reality surround her. Whatever you've been dreaming about and hoping for comes true. A couple of weeks ago, this deck told us to pay attention to our dreams with the moon card. Apparently, you did! This card often means your hopes for your love life are fulfilled. Today, I'm especially feeling that any career or life purpose wishes are fulfilled too.

For further clarification, I drew a card from the Ascended Masters oracle card: Epona, a fairy-Goddess of the Roman and Celtic cultures, is the Ascended Master on this card. She tells us today that working with crystals is beneficial to you. Carry or wear them throughout the day to help you heal, stay calm, and focus your intentions/dreams and desires. Epona is a horse Goddess. She protects them and has a strong connection to nature. In addition to connecting with and using crystals, you should also look into "horse medicine". How do you connect with them? Are you drawn to horse images, jewelry, or statues? Are you a "work horse"? This could be to your benefit and why you're about to get or are already getting your wish. Or, you may need to rest and let the higher realms do their work. Remember you are a co-creator of your world. Your thoughts and intentions are your part and higher realms take care of the rest. Keep up the positive thinking! :)

Knowing these weekly readings are for me as well as you, I know that making and selling my healing crystal jewelry has been on my mind and these cards make me very happy! It lets me know that it is part of my life's purpose (one of the meanings of the Epona/crystals card) to work with crystals. Today is one of those days it would have been great to have videoed myself drawing the cards so you could see my reaction- it was a very happy one! :D

Have wonderful holidays, my friends. Tomorrow our family celebrates Christmas with traditions both ancient and modern.  Whatever you celebrate this time of year, I wish you peace and joy.  Thursday I'll be back on here with another post.  Enjoy yourselves and be safe! <3

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