Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tarot Card Tuesday- High Priestess and 6 of Water/Cups

It is Tuesday, so it's time to talk about what Tarot card(s) are relevant for you this week! As I was shuffling the deck, the 6 of water (traditionally called the 6 of cups) popped out of the deck. Since you always pay attention to those enthusiastic cards that "jump" out, I put it aside to go with whatever card I pulled. When I asked for a card that would apply to my readers today (and this is you, even if you've never been here before), The High Priestess came up. In the Angel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, the High Priestess is represented by Archangel Haniel, the feminine Goddess-like Archangel who helps us tune into our intuition. So, for further detail and clarification, I pulled a card from the Goddess Guidance Oracle cards (by Doreen Virtue) and Artemis came up, which is really amazing (but not surprising ;) ) because in traditional Tarot, the High Priestess represents Artemis! (And Isis and Persephone. In the Goddess Oracle card deck, Dana, the Celtic Mother Goddess is named High Priestess.) 

The 6 of Water/Cups represents memories from the past coming to the surface (you can see the little merboy, who happens to look a lot like my son, a double Pisces, keeping his head above the surface). Often they are memories from childhood or ones that affect children. It can represent nostalgia, the innocence of childhood/lack of guilt or wishing for a break from adult responsibilities, especially emotional ones.   The memories have surfaced for a reason that affects your present life.  

The High Priestess represents an urge from the higher realms to pay attention to and follow our intuition, our subconscious, and the mysteries of the Universe. In traditional Tarot, there is a thin veil between two towers representing the division between the conscious and subconscious minds. In this deck, there is no veil, and her tome is open, which represents the lifting of the veil and that the knowledge of the Universe is is ours for the taking. The shift in consciousness that occurred in 2012 is the reason for this updated version of the card. Our dreams are generated from our subconscious, so in addition to our gut feelings or listening to our heart, our night time messages have much to tell us. 

The message from the Artemis card is that she and the Angels are our protectors, so we have no need to fear. Her bow and arrow are a talisman, for she does not have need to use them to harm anyone. Artemis prefers to spend her time in the forest amongst the animals. Spending time in nature connects us to our true natures and our intuition. 

This weekend, the moon, Saturn, and Mercury were all in Scorpio, digging up subconscious memories and feelings from the past. They could be from this lifetime or others. Likely, the effects are still hanging around since the subconscious does not always give us a direct picture of the issue.

The overall message here is that subconscious memories from the past have surfaced, either in dreams or by unidentified funks. Our Spiritual protectors tell us that there is no need to fear. The past is the past and we only need to follow our intuition in order to resolve the issues. 

Interestingly, a friend told me yesterday that I appeared in a dream of hers with a High Priestess vibe and told her that she needed Gaia right now; that she would watch over her and help her feel grounded. She and her family are planning a big move, which comes with many feelings of not being rooted, no matter how exciting and wanted the changes are. So, in a way, I am the High Priestess here, directing you to pay attention to, and trust your intuition and calm your fears. 

One way to dissolve the emotions that surface from times like these is to sit in mindful meditation and pay attention to the physical sensations created in the body. How does your  chest feel? Is it heavy? Is there darkness to the energy, as Scorpio's job so often calls for? Are there shots of adrenaline moving down your limbs? Are your palms sweaty?  All you need to do is notice and observe these sensations without judgement. Sit with the feelings and they dissipate on their own. You can also write down the memories or sensations on a piece of paper and then burn it (outside in a metal trashcan or in some other safe manner). Last night was the new moon- a time to set new intentions. You haven't missed the opportunity to do so, so you can also set the intention to acknowledge the feelings and sensations as they come up rather than stuff them down, cover them up, or dismissing them as unreal because you cannot initially explain them.  

Take a few minutes to write down your thoughts about this reading and how it may relate directly to you. If you care to share, leave a comment below.  If you have questions or would like clarification on this reading, either leave a comment below or email me at Narah (at) me (dot) com. You can also find me on Facebook under Narah Kimberly Arrington Minardi.  My Fan page is Facebook.com/vinegarandglitter

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