Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Meaning of The Hanged Man or The Hanging Fairy (+ your reading) for Tarot Card Tuesday

From the Victorian Fairy Tarot by Lunea Weatherstone 

Tarot card Tuesday- Reading for January 7th-13th 2014

The hanging Fairy- this fairy has gotten caught in a spiderweb. Poppies bloom nearby and influence his state of consciousness as he initially struggles to get free. Eventually, he surrenders and starts to see the world in a new way. Illusions dissolve. He is able to apply new ways of thinking to old problems. The poppyseed has been used by many  creative people such as Edgar Allan Poe and Oscar Wilde. (though, the door to perception is always open. You do not actually need the seed of the poppy.) This card  is known  as the hanging man in traditional Tarot. It tells us to use our imagination to approach the world. Stand old ideas on their heads. Let go of old ideas. Open yourself to the world beyond this physical plane. There is a divine plan. You co-create your world with the Creator/the Great Spirit/the Universe. You may be caught in the web that you've woven but you will release yourself. The spider weaves her own web and with expanded consciousness she creates the vision of her own life and it becomes reality. This is your task. Your spiritual growth demands a new vision. You do not have to hold onto limiting beliefs about money, what others expect, or self-worth. You deserve all manner of happiness, so open yourself up and receive. Success does not have to happen as the result of struggle. Breathe deeply into each moment.

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