Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Healing Crystal Jewelry, Blog name and Etsy store!

Above are some new healing crystal bracelets waiting to be listed in my new Etsy store- Whether Stone (under construction). While meditating with a piece of Selenite, I heard the new name and saw that it was spelled 'whether' as in a question. My higher self told me the name as my conscious mind brain stormed, but came up with nothing that was available. All my current healing crystal jewelry listings will be moving to the new store. The Vinegar and Glitter/Belly Arts Mama Etsy store will remain open so that I can have a belly dance close out sale (costumes, DVDs, jewelry). It's been calling me for so long to make crystal jewelry for a living and now I am very focused on that being what I bring to the world. 

After I teach my belly dance fitness class, which ends January 30th, I will not be teaching belly dance for the foreseeable future.  My children are first priority and I can successfully care for and teach them at home while contributing healing offerings to the world via Healing crystal jewelry, Tarot, and distance Reiki. Being a professional belly dancer has been a wild and wonderful ride, but (as all those Queen of Swords/air cards have been telling me), it's time to shed that skin. Year of the Water Snake is nearing a close, and the message to move forward is loud and clear.

Hoping you are looking forward with new clarity as well!

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