Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Voice of Forgiveness

The weekly Tarot reading this week is on the Fan Page and was done on Thursday. My daughter turned 1 on Tuesday!! Several people personally related to it closely and the messages are evolving for me. Something I have been pondering more deeply over the past few days is my internal dialog and how it relates to how I perceive my self-worth. Though I'm not one to speak outwardly negatively about myself and regularly affirm positive statements about myself, I started looking more deeply as to why I held onto certain concepts. Why did I feel that I shouldn't spend money or that I should just do something myself because I _should_ be able to do that, even if I don't want to spend my hands-free time doing things like dusting or mopping. Something I've started to affirm is that I deserve rest, healing, and self-love. As I was leaving the house with the children yesterday (something that is a complicated endeavor, but has been getting easier), I was locking the door and don't even know what I was saying to myself, but the tone was critical (something about my lack of efficiency I'm sure) and I heard someone say, "the voice of forgiveness". Instantly, I knew that I was to change my tone and forgive myself for whatever perceived short-comings I had. Forgiveness has been something I have done a lot of work with regarding others and myself with active meditation and even re-committing to it over and over as it is called for, but my everyday voice clearly it's time for change.

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