Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Intense Scorpio Energy Asks Us to Delve in and Transform

This podcast from Empowering Astrology and 1/2 of Saturn Sisters gives a great explanation of the especially intense energy right now. Anxiety is common and deep psychological work is coming to the surface. Though difficult, by exposing it to light, these issues are healed.

There is another layer of intensity coming up with Pluto/Uranus square on November 1st (my Birthday [yes, I'm a Scorpio, so I understand the intensity on a daily basis], also known as the Celtic New Year, so a great time to set new intentions) and then there is another eclipse on November 3rd with the new moon. New moons are always a good time for setting new intentions, but this one is very powerful. So, now is the time to bring deep issues forth, clear the heart and set new intentions.  The ladies even drew a Tarot card which calls our attention to the light and potential we uncover by letting go of that which no longer serves us.  Take a listen! You won't be disappointed!

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