Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Artists Supporting Artists

Every year, our neighborhood has an event called "Art in the Park"... though now it's "Art in the Park-ing lot" since it has moved from the tree filled park to an uptown parking lot. Not sure why, but that's not really my point here.

Individual artists display and sell their work and we get a chance to see and experience much at once, just as any artist's fair provides. It is particularly exciting to me to have this opportunity right in my neighborhood, only a few minutes from my house. Growing up, we had my favorite town event ever called Heritage Day, which was filled with people in historic costume, making apple butter in huge iron cauldrons or other demonstrations. There were also makers selling their handmade wares- rag dolls are what I recall the most, probably because as a kid, that is what caught my eye. Even as a teenager, I made the effort to put aside my surliness and go join the fun on Heritage Day.  While Art in the Park(ing lot) is not really the same as Heritage Day, I am still thrilled to have it because I love art and the handmade movement.  Creative energy is such a delicious feeling.

When I walked into Karen McKee's tent where I bought the dishes in the above photo, I had a vision of her peacefully working on her ceramics and could really feel the love she put into her work.  That sealed it- I was definitely buying from her. When I saw these wonderful organically shaped dishes, I instantly knew I wanted them to hold my healing crystals. Rather than placing them on the surface where I do my Tarot readings, I could have them in a beautiful place of honor. Anything that adds to the ritual makes the readings that much more connected IMO.

If you find the picture interesting, you will certainly appreciate the energy and intention behind Karen's work. It always feels like I'm making my money count for so much more when I support an individual rather than a large corporation. The individual's ripple effect seems to contain so much light and love compared to buying one of many from a company who will never see your face.

Tell me about the art fairs you have been to and what you love about them. What does the energy feel like to you?

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