Monday, November 4, 2013

A Gratitude Journal

An attitude of gratitude brings peace, joy, freedom and abundance. Though I have not always kept a journal just for listing gratefulness, I frequently make it a practice to write or mentally list those for whom or that for which I am grateful. My journals are a mish mash of dates and topics because I grab whichever one is closest so I can get my thoughts on paper as soon as the need strikes me. Maybe because people know I often put pen to paper, their (or my) Angels urge them to buy them for me, or it is just generally a thoughtful gift, I have numerous ones filled, partially or completely filled or not yet started. This one, I am keeping out for a daily list of gratitude. The shift in thoughts and energy is profound when I actually write out what I am grateful for. The last entry in this journal (but not my last journal entry) was dated July 2005 and described a dream in which I gave birth to a baby girl with dark hair. At this moment, I am holding my dark haired baby girl. Often I've said that I feel like I've known about her my whole life. This journal entry would seem to support that feeling, an apparent guide to my path this time on Earth. For that, for her, for her big brother and furry "big sisters" who "paved the way", my husband and so many others, I am grateful. 

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