Sunday, November 24, 2013

Using Crystals for Holiday Stress

This week is the national holiday of Thanksgiving. Many people will be traveling, cooking for large numbers of people, and perhaps spending time with people who trigger you in ways that make you wish you'd just stayed home (or not invited so-and-so this year). As a way to combat the stress of the hectic happenings of the whole holiday season, try wearing some healing crystal jewelry or putting a few stones in your pocket. You don't have to do anything beyond that, but a little intention, such as asking the crystal(s) for help in whatever situations you encounter that may disrupt your inner peace. Also, remember that gratitude keeps you centered and joyful. has a short video about some of their favorite crystals for combatting Holiday stress. I've embedded it below. You can also read through my Healing with Crystals page to see which ones resonate with you. Your intuition (that from your highest self) always serves as your best guidance. Namaste and have a wonderful holiday season!

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