Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Allowing Joy and Love Through Art

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This is a custom painting I commissioned by Chrishanthi Liaropoulou, aka ppinkydollsart on Etsy. Her work, which I'd been admiring for a while, is full of depth and emotion.  The sweet soulfulness of it really touches this Scorpio's heart. This art is something I will always treasure and am so grateful for having. Finding this artist and allowing myself this gift have given me a real lift. What a joy to have, especially in this time of "descending into darkness"- Sun in Scorpio, Mercery retrograde in Scorpio and I believe Saturn in Scorpio have stirred up dark emotions for all of us. As a Scorpio myself, I've felt it acutely. It has come with healthy release for me, especially after my natal chart consult, which began last night. More on that when the 2nd half is complete. Since the baby naps frequently, it was best to break it up into 2 half-hour segments. 

Hopefully you have been able to pull up and clear out deep seated emotions that are no longer serving you. Now is a wonderful opportunity to draw them out and set yourself free. There's no need to continue suffering with the old wounds, so instead of stuffing them back down or covering them up with food, alcohol or some other distraction, my wish for you is to expose these dark feelings to the light for healing. 

One hint that I will give from my astrological chart review is that I have been a Shaman over and over. While I knew I'd been a healer of various types, given psychic guidance, and done Reiki in past lives, apparently my direct connection to the other side is much more powerful than I realized and Tarot is only the beginning. My Reiki practice is a bridge to something much deeper. For me, this is worth digging deep and experiencing the darkness. For without darkness, what do we have to compare to the light?

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