Belly Dance

Belly Dance has roots that reach to ancient times. It celebrates life, birth, and sensuality. It allows one to connect with her (or his) feminine energy and not only embrace it, but dress it up and put it on display (should one choose to do so). Belly Dance engages our Souls with ancient rhythm, stretches and moves our muscles and alerts our minds with new neural connections. Aligning the spine with the healthy posture belly dance uses aligns our chakras, or energy centers associated with different body parts and emotional themes. These centers must be balanced for whole health, and Belly Dance energizes  and therefore balances all of them. Through belly dance, our self compassion grows as we appreciate how capable this physical vehicle really is. That self-compassion allows us to release judgement not just for ourselves, but for our fellow humans; and what a relief that is!

My sister, Jala and I created an instructional DVD covering basic belly dance movements and movement combinations and it is now available for download.  There are over 200 copies of this DVD out there, helping people to study this transformative dance form in the comfort of their own homes.  The movements are precisely broken down and my students who have taken in-person classes from me say it is just like being in class, except I am not physically there. ;) There are 2 performances at the end- one is a simple demonstration of the movements, and one is a costumed, more complex dance for inspiration.  The downloaded version is only $15- a fraction of the hard copy version!


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    1. Hi Karla! I just saw this. I may be able to make a copy here. we are not planning on re-ordering hard copies at this time, so let me know if you want to work that out. :)