Thursday, March 6, 2014

What Happens When Mars Goes Retrograde?

Mercury is now direct (though still in a shadow period until March 22nd, so we aren't totally free from its grasp), so we can turn our attention to another big retrograde- Mars. For a few days, I was feeling incredible tension and knew I had to look into it further. After a couple of Tarot readings, I finally looked up how a Mars in retrograde affects us. This article explains it nicely:

Seems Mars wants us to re-visit anger we've kept hidden from ourselves or its counterparts resentment, depression, and frustration. The Scorpio side of Mars (Mars rules Scorpio) wants us to dig all that up and release it for healing. The Aries side (Mars also rules Aries) prefers to get to where it's going quickly and can get frustrated easily by roadblocks. Mars in retrograde can also release buried ambitions and passion. How this manifested for me personally was that I was feeling incredibly creatively inspired but kept running into issues getting the time and space to actually create. Seems this can be a message to learn patience and to slow down. Once I spent some time clearing my work space and took a process oriented, leisurely pace to creating, I felt magically transformed.

I like what the author says about "not letting Mars energy out without a leash". After all, Mars is currently in Libra, so we are seeking balance. (Note the date on the article and that the retrograde dates at the end are for several years ago. The nature of Mars retrograde still holds true.)

Jupiter stations direct today in Cancer, so the expansive energy of Jupiter joins the love of hearth, home, family, and protective nature of Cancer. These properties flood the collective during the stationing, so add that layer over the Mars retrograde energy and there may be tension, passion, and/or ambition uncovered at home. Add that to the moon moving into Gemini, and you'll probably have plenty of conversations about all you've felt and discovered. And if you're an empath like I am, you are not only experiencing your personal feelings, but also those of others and the collective, so be sure to take care of yourself! Exercise, drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods, use healing crystals, flower essences, meditate, get creative, clean, or whatever else helps you stay grounded. (Remember to contact me for Reiki, Tarot readings, and healing crystal jewelry.)

How have you been feeling with all this planetary shifting? I'd love to hear about it! After all, I am a Scorpio sun, w/ Uranus and South Nodes in Scorpio, Libra moon, rising, Mercury, and Pluto, so I love research/a good mystery and am very interested in people! 

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