Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tarot Tuesday with the World's Tiniest Tarot Deck!

EEE! I'm so excited I finally got to use this deck! It's a Rider-Waite-Smith deck in miniature! So fun!

This week's reading shows that you are juggling two worlds to try to stay balanced. It may be work and family, two jobs, or your spiritual world and the material world. If you are trying to make a decision, a lighter, more playful approach will help. You are expecting dramatic emotions, perhaps immature ones. But, you also realize that our existence here is like a play and our roles are but parts in a play. We learn about the human experience by choosing different roles, but we are all on equal footing and are all "practicing". A new passion/opportunity is contributing behind the scenes, and likely making you wonder how to fit it all in. By choosing to walk away from the drama and move forward, you learn the lessons you need to and wanted to learn in this lifetime and complete a level of spiritual enlightenment. Fully feel and experience the emotions that come up, and then let them go when you have used them to guide you.

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