Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tarot Tuesday- Trust the Grand Plan

Here is your reading (whomever is reading = you) for today through Monday!

Current Situation- 6 of Fire (Wands)- This card showed up as the outcome a couple of weeks ago and now we have it as the current situation, so we really have come full circle. You are feeling victorious, perhaps even in the public eye or in the eyes of others, and the work you have done is paying off in an internal, self-rewarding way. It really does strike me that this card is related to the former reading, so take a look back and think about what internal work you have done for yourself.

Your Expectations- The Sun- Again, victory is mentioned. You are feeling good about something and expect to reap those rewards. The path to enlightenment is clearing as you dig away at your psyche's layers.  Here comes the sun! (doo-doo-doo-doo) If this feels ironic to see such a bright card given your  current state, remember that experiencing the darkness allows the light to enter. You know that by allowing your feeling to surface and doing spiritual work, you pave the way for brighter days.

Hidden Influences- 5 of Water (Cups)- You've experienced a loss and are in the throws of really feeling that loss. Be sure to grieve properly, but also remember what you still have and that there is always a Bigger reason for loss. Trust that you learn from loss and grow as a result. Even losing parts of yourself that you know no longer serve you can be difficult. Embrace the resistance and your grip will dissolve. There is always something to be thankful for, and remembering that is helping you move forward. The Full Moon is in Scorpio tomorrow night, so we are uncovering mysteries and transforming ourselves as only Scorpio can. Full moons are a time of release, and Scorpio is embracing the shadow self and rising from the ashes once you allow yourself to burn.

Advice- High Priestess- Pay attention to the hidden information ^^, especially that which comes to you in dreams and flashes of insight. Trust your intuition and be patient when looking to the future. Take a broader perspective; see things from the Soul's Eye View. What you valued even a couple of weeks ago (when setting intentions during the new moon), may no longer hold value. Release, let things dissolve, and let the dust settle before planning far into the future. Sit with this. Observe what is left once you've let go of what was holding you back. Are you holding on to ideas and feelings about what you thought was supposed to be important to you, but doesn't really hold water in the grand scheme of things? Make the connection with your Higher Self and notice your feelings without judgement. Emotions are guideposts to let you know which way to turn on your path. They aren't meant to be suppressed or ignored. Though society acts as the collective Ego and tells you being "too emotional" is wrong or bad for you, really they are saying they don't want to do the work of looking at their own feelings because it is hard, it is "inconvenient", and they would rather do other things that the material world "values". Honor your Spiritual nature. You are a Spiritual being having a human experience. The whole point in you being here is for your Soul to learn. Ask your Soul what she-he wants to learn through this human experience. To accept love? To grow and trust life?

Outcome- The Knight of Air (Swords)- by not rushing in and making a plan from the Big Picture, you speed along to the results you _actually_ want, not the results you think you want. Use creativity and heal. You'll live creatively because your Soul's true nature is that of an Artist's.

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