Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tarot Tuesday- Get Moving!

Today's Tarot Tuesday reading is also using oracle cards for further clarification. This was really fun! The tarot cards are by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. The oracle cards are "Trust Your Vibes" by Sonia Coquette. As always, the reading applies from today until Monday. It is for anyone who reads this post on the fan page or the blog.

The first position is the current situation and includes the first two cards pictured. The first card is the Knight of Earth – this indicates that you are taking action in earthly matters. You are in charge and are steady, capable, and dependable in whatever you are taking on. The second card – share a breath – indicates that you are very in sync with those in your care or under your direction. Breathing consciously is very grounding, which goes perfectly with our Knight of Earth. 

The second position is advice. The first card is the Knight of Air. The Knight of Air acts quickly and uses creative solutions and thinks outside the box for any challenges he encounters. The second card suggest that you exercise in order to raise your vibration and clear the way for those creative solutions to make their way into your field of awareness. Any exercise that calls to you is beneficial in this and many other ways, but if you are considering something new or something you have not done in a a while, this is a sign that you should definitely try that. Also, this suggests that you act more quickly as the Knight of Earth stays in the planning stage for a very long time, but the Knight of Air often acts without a plan. The advice is to leave the planning stage and enter the acting stage based on your plans. Creative activity, such as painting, drawing, sewing, singing, acting, dancing, etc. are also recommended for grounding, centering, and connecting with your higher self for increased flow and the opportunities to be aware of said creative solutions. 

The third position is outcome. The first card is the eight of Air, which indicates that any feelings of entrapment are illusions and there is actually a way out within your grasp. By using the creative solutions mentioned above, you will break out of any self-imposed limitations. Think carefully about what those might be. The second card is body talk. This card indicates that you can tune in to what your body is telling you in order to navigate your way out. When thinking about possibilities, is your chest tight or does it feel open and joyful? Does your stomach churn, or is it calm and radiating confidence? Yes's expand the body and no's contract the body, so those sensations give you your answers.

In summary, this week is about being grounded through breath and exercise in order to find creative solutions. (Yoga is an excellent option using breath and body). Stay in tune with your body in order to deeply connect with your angels and guides.

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