Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mercury goes Retrograde Tomorrow! Things You Need To Know

Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow! Start whatever you can today, because starting tomorrow, communication and technology have misfires, thinking is cloudier and memory can be hard to wrangle. It starts out in Pisces, making us feel like we are in a dream state (even more so than usual during Mercury in retrograde). If you have to sign contracts, double and triple check. If you can avoid them, do, but life goes on. Do what you have to do.

This article is a really good perspective on what Mercury's agenda is and how we can exercise patience and examine what you should learn from situations the trickster sets up. Remember that issues from the past are likely to resurface for re-examination. Keep a journal close by, breathe, drink plenty of water, rest when needed, do some yoga. You might want to consider hiding any high drama people from your Facebook newsfeed. There is a nice summary at the bottom of dates that are especially significant during this retrograde period.

If you would like further insight and guidance with a Tarot reading by me, please see my Tarot page. Last night, I created a custom healing crystal bracelet for someone who was looking ahead at this Mercury in retrograde period and knew she would need some extra help. If you know there are things coming up that you would like some healing assistance with, contact me ( Narah (at) me (dot) com or PM me on Facebook) for a custom piece of healing crystal jewelry. Reiki is the ultimate balancer and can be sent to people, pets, plants, and even situations.  I see many things to help you with whatever healing you are seeking. See my Reiki page.

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