Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tarot Card Tuesday- Meaning of the Tower (Life Experience) + your Reading!

This photo and post by The Moon Woman inspired me to ask the Tarot to give me a card that represented what she was telling us to embrace:

"Moon's still in Aries so this is the perfect time to plan an adventure for 2014...something that lights your wick! Something that stretches you, perhaps scares you a little because it's just out of your comfort zone.

Waxing moon in Aries is the time to do it.

Aries evokes our inner child. So if your inner child is afraid to take steps out into the world, to explore new experiences & make new friends beyond your known universe...consider the following process:

Close your eyes & take your awareness down into your belly (your emotional center where the archetypal energy of your inner child resides).

Visualize or sense your inner child (you can look at a photo of you as a child if this helps).

Ask your inner child, what is the worst thing that could happen if you stepped beyond your known reality. Allow them the time to communicate to you in their own way. For example you may use your left hand to draw their response.

This enables our inner adult to see what fear is holding us back from growing & expanding. Like the 'Boogie Man' - it's not so scary when we face our fear directly because it allows us to get our head around it & come up with coping strategies & solutions. It's the anticipation of the unknown that terrifies & paralyzes.

When we confront the saboteur that's tormenting our inner child, we can stop half living a life in fear & start embracing life with both arms wide open, full of wonder & a spirited sense of adventure!"

"Life Experience" from the Angel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

This is the card that came up and it is so appropriate! Traditionally, this card is called "The Tower" and is full of scary images like lightning striking a tower, it crumbling and a people falling to their death. Doreen and Radleigh changed this card because people get so paralyzed by their fear of the images that they fail to get the real message. This card does denote rapid, inevitable change, which can be pretty frightening if you aren't grounded. If you are scared, it is difficult to move forward. However, the card tells us that we've recently had a revelation that forever changes how we view ourselves and the world. Remember that "soft reality is more real than hard reality" (~Deepak Chopra) Kali and Shiva the Destroyer both have destructive energy without regard for our Ego- that which holds onto fear and structures of the material world. They come to mind today as I conjure images to explain the energy and meaning of this card. llusions crumble like the tower in the traditional image on the card.  Venus is now direct, but for 40 days, we questioned what we love and value. During that time, a Scorpio moon had us purging what no longer serves us. What was left is what we intensely love. You may have known for a while that the changes were needed and have been procrastinating, or it may be that something has happened to force these changes. Either way, it is time for growth and to Spread Your Wings!! (Notice that there is a fairy in the top picture and the Tarot card clearly says to spread your wings!)

My revelation recently was that my Divine Life Purpose is way more important than I gave it credit. When I asked how many guardian Angels I have, the answer was 5 million! If I have 5 million Angels assigned just to me, then I must have something big to do this life time! Have I mentioned that I am an incarnated Angel? I found this out several months ago and then learned that incarnated Angels have a large number of Guardian Angels. 5 million is a pretty large number! This is definitely something that has blown away many of my thoughts about myself and what I'm to do this life time. 

As mentioned above, it's time for adventure! You may feel a bit hesitant to go on this adventure- like Bilbo or Frodo when Gandalf came calling- but, your mission is important. Now is the time to act! The Chinese New Year just started on January 30th- Year of the Wood Horse in the month of the Fire Tiger- so it's time to hit the ground running!

Another reason to start _now_ is that Mercury is going retrograde in a couple of days- February 6th. That means foggy thinking, communication delays and misses between people and technology, issues coming up from the past to be re-visited, and re-doing a lot of things. It's best to start new projects before Mercury goes retrograde, so go ahead and take the leap!

For me, this means getting my new store, Whether Stone, stocked and visually set up asap (especially since healing jewelry is such a loving gift and Valentine's Day is coming up!) There is a pile of healing crystal jewelry waiting to be photoed and listed. 

How about you? What have you realized lately that has pushed you to move forward?

If you would like some insight to this question, please set up a Tarot/Oracle card reading with me! Valentine's Day is coming up and it's a perfect time for a Healing Hearts reading as well.

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