Monday, November 18, 2013

How to Clear Your Energy, Use Energetic Boundaries, and Why

The healing crystals above got a full moonlight and rain bath last night and now they are very happy!  They sat in the windowsill to get cleared by the sun and now they are charged and cleansed by the moon and rain. Some crystals, such as kyanite and citrine never need clearing and can clear other crystals by simply sitting near them. They transmute any negative energy the other crystals (and you) have picked up. Selenite and clear quartz are also excellent at clearing the energetic body and can clear other crystals as well. Some crystals, such as selenite, dissolve in water, so do not sit them out for a rain bath. This chart tells you more about cleansing crystals, as does my Healing with Crystals page.

If you missed the full moon last night, the next one is December 17th. This site gives dates for moon cycles. You can also likely check your wall calendar and make a note of it.  The full moon gives us a chance to release all that no longer serves us, such as stagnant and unforgiving emotions, fear, behavior patterns, false thoughts about yourself and others and even issues or vows from past lives. Though it may initially seem safe and comfortable to stay in old familiar patterns and continue reacting in the same way, doing so keeps you from growing and learning what your Soul came here to learn and fulfilling your Divine Life Purpose. Releasing what no longer serves a purpose leads to peace, joy, and freedom.  

Psychic debris may come from your own negative thoughts or the result of being around someone else who had so much negative energy [usually stemming from thoughts which lead to emotions] that it spilled over. Or perhaps you are like me and are an Empath and you feel others' emotions in your body as if they were your own. Letting go and releasing it gives you the freedom to make clear choices.  Carrying around the burden of negative energy saps your personal energy on all levels- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

People, animals, objects, and spaces (including houses and cars) can benefit from energy clearing. You can do this by burning sage, sweetgrass, or incense; visualizing white light surrounding and filling the person, place, or thing; sending Reiki, and asking the Angels to clear the energy.  Archangel Michael can cut the cords of fear that attach you to others who have negative (fear-based) thoughts attachments to you.  All you need to do is mentally ask him to cut these cords and you will instantly feel lighter.  Do this and all energy clearing regularly as it is like brushing your teeth or washing your face daily.  The debris keeps building and not cleaning it away makes you feel tense and uncomfortable. Taking a sea salt bath will draw out negative energy and send it down the drain. I quickly shower after to make sure all traces are gone. 

To clear your own energy field, use selenite/clear quartz crystal to first move counter clockwise then clockwise below, in front of, and above the body at the 7 major chakra points. The energy flows out from the body, so you do not have to be right on the body. Then move the crystal up the arms and legs, up the entire front and back of the body and around the head. You can hold the intention that the negative energy will move out the window (even if it's closed, but if it's open all the better) to the trees, river, etc. in order to be transmuted. You can also do this for someone else, including your pets and children.

To clear the energy of a house, building or car, you can open the windows and send white light and/or Reiki to all the corners in a clockwise direction. Or, you can burn incense, sage, or sweetgrass and walk with it in a clockwise direction in each room. Say out loud or to yourself, "I clear all negative energy from this room in all directions of time and space." Hold the intention that you are protected from the negative energy that breaks up and it moves out of the window to the trees, river, etc. to be transmuted. When you have done this in all rooms, go to the lowest point in the house, sit on the floor with your eyes closed and hands palm up in your lap or on your knees. Visualize the energy of the space traveling through your body and traveling down to the center of the earth. Be still and attentive while the energy gathers the properties of the pure earth and then comes back up. When it comes back to your body, imagine it going through the top of your head and out and down to the 4 corners of the building. Now, the energy is clear and grounded. Do this at least once a season. After arguments or any time the energy feels stagnant, you can do a clearing (even a quick visualization helps) to start anew. 

Energy shielding helps one to avoid picking up so much negativity. Imagine white light (which embodies all colors) surrounding you, about a 6 feet all the way around. This is an all purpose light that helps with any sort of protection you may need. Blue is also very protective, especially if you are concerned about danger. Purple is the color of Divine connection and psychic activity, so is protective against psychic attack.  Hold the intention that these shields are permeable enough that love can enter, but negativity cannot enter. You can also ask your angels to protect you from negativity and to protect your open heart. You can also use any of these visualizations for your house, car, friends, or family. 

Also, we interact with many people online these days and the energy they put into the words they write can come through and affect us as well.  When someone is venting or seething negativity or even if they are complaining about being sick or having a bad day, I mentally say "No!" and visualize a protective wall of light in front of my screen to avoid taking on that negative energy.  If it was particularly bad, I will even "scrub" out the words through a visualization. 

A friend of mine recently asked for advice on how to protect a friendship with a man who was struggling with romantic feelings for her. He and his wife are currently having trouble in their relationship and she intuitively knew that he was seeking something from her that he was not currently getting from his partner. When I saw the situation in my mind's eye, and knew that ultimately what he was seeking was love, I remembered a story that Doreen Virtue told about a woman who was unloading very deep emotions onto Doreen and she surrounded the woman with pink light, thus giving the woman Universal love. This gave the woman what she needed and protected Doreen from taking that energy on. My guidance for this situation with my friend called for her to surround herself with pink light (self-love/Universal Love) and then white light (Universal protection). Then, I suggested she do the same for her friend and hold the intention that the love come from God/The Divine/The Universe.  The white light sealed in the love so that they could remain friends without blurring the lines.   

After giving her these directions, my friend realized that this was something she wanted to do always because when she is interacting with the public, people often mistake her love for all beings as somehow "just for them". This causes her to often shut down that love for protection, but then she doesn't feel happy.  So, she has decided to use this visualization to keep the love going, but not get stuck in someone else's confused attempts at getting love where it isn't appropriate or welcome. 

Use your intuition and guidance to come up with protective practices that suit your individual needs. Above all, your intention to come from love, loving yourself first, will serve you and anyone else you wish to serve best. 

Using these methods will lead to health and harmony, peacefulness, and more personal energy to use for yourself. I hope you found the information helpful. If you do, please share (with 
credits) freely. 


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