Saturday, November 16, 2013

Healing with Frankincense Essential Oil

After wandering around some healing herb, essential oil, and other healing modality blogs, I found this one, which I found extra interesting. Though I knew frankincense was very useful for meditation and that it made a great additive to home made deodorant, I did not realize it could be used for so many other ailments, including immune system support, scarring, and even plague!! It makes sense that it improves vision because it is good for the pineal gland, which is directly connected to physical vision and also inner vision or the 3rd eye.  Spiritual awareness is another benefit the above site mentions, which of course makes sense because it helps with meditation and helps with the 3rd eye. It is also good for many conditions that affect the brain, such as Parkinson's disease, brain injury, and coma and things the brain is responsible for, like memory.  Post partum depression and post miscarriage symptoms are both positively affected by using frankincense oil.  Check out the link above for a fuller list of conditions you can use it for and methods for using it. 

Hopefully, I will be on here more often this week. Many days were taken up lately because I am writing up materials for an online Reiki attunement course.  A test run is going on right now and I'm really looking forward to the results and getting the course available to the general public.  My guidance has directed me to teach healing methods and that this is one of the ways to do it.  Still to report are my newest Tarot and Oracle card decks, my astrology natal chart consultation, and many other exciting topics yet to make themselves known. 

 *Off to get out my frankincense oil* 

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