Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tarot Tuesday (even though it's Wednesday)

It's Tarot Tuesday… at least it was yesterday on the Facebook Fan Page! The deck is Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Today's reading has three cards – past, present, and future. 

In the past position we have the Knight of air. This represents things happening quickly, using creative solutions to problem-solve, and the need to curb impulsive behavior. On May 20, this card came up under the advice section and referred to getting physical exercise. It does refer back to that reading.

Under the present position, we have the Lovers card. This card refers to making heart felt decisions, healing, and soul relationships. It is telling me that the exercise you have started or are considering is leading to physical healing. Yoga, especially, balances the chakras, strengthens, and increases flexibility. This card is also telling us that Soul relationships, especially friendships, are healing. Soul relationships refer to those that are a deep connection related to past lives.

In the future position, we have the Empress – she nurtures those around her, creative projects, and herself. She is inspiration. Mindful exercise, especially that which we enjoy, raises our Vibes, and leads to nurturing and self-care. This allows the mind and creativity to work more efficiently. In turn, this leads to giving birth to your dreams. Remember that meditation is also a form of "exercise" for the mind, connects you to the Source, and therefore guidance for your true path.

As I was meditating before this meeting, I saw Mercury, messenger of the gods, flying through the sky amongst the stars, telling me that Mercury in retrograde is acutely affecting us. It is currently in Gemini, so information is coming to us quickly. As the first card tells us, be sure to think things through before acting on all of this information. The second card tells us that decisions are significant, as it is a major arcana card. The third card follows with its significance, as it is also a major arcana card.

So, choosing health leads to self-nurturing and the nurturing of our dreams. Continue to take care of yourselves! 

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