Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Card of the Day- Work Your Magic

The card of the day comes from Doreen Virtue's Ascended Masters oracle card deck. The card features St. Germain, who lived in the early 1700's, and was a count in the region known as Saint Germain. He was known for producing gems and powerful elixirs for his friends, who spanned all classes. His message is to "Work Your Magic". Focus in on what you truly want in order to manifest your dreams. Just as yesterday's message says to cut away excess to get to the true meaning, this is a similar one that advises getting crystal clear about your wants and needs in order properly visualize, affirm the correct words, and take the right action steps. If you've already been clearing away what you no longer need (objects, emotional patterns, self-destructive thoughts, career, relationships, etc.), keep up the good work, because it is helping you to be free and zero in on what you really want. Synchronize your heart and mind so they are working toward the same goal. I'm getting that a vision board- gathered images (from magazines or calendars, for example) would be very helpful for these endeavors. Often you may not even know why you are adding an image until you realize that it is actually what you want rather than what you think you want. The shape on this card is the Merkaba and is part of sacred geometry. It helps you in manifestation efforts. A semi square between Venus (which governs what we love and value) and the Sun (our main personality this lifetime) helps to reveal wants and needs that aren't in alignment with goals. Meditation also is helpful in discerning what you actually want and using amethyst and lapis lazuli will help you focus during this meditation. will guide you to more information about my email readings, healing crystal jewelry, and distance Reiki healing. Please check out the links to the right! 😊 #ascendedmasters#oraclecard #oraclecardreading #oraclecardreader#tarotreader #healingcrystals #jewelryartist #artist#reikihealer #empath #clairvoyant #clairaudiant#clairsentient #claircognizant #astrology #metaphysical#cardoftheday

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