Saturday, August 17, 2013

An Introduction for Reiki and Tarot by Narah

Reiki Treatment times

I am Narah- a belly dancer, artist, Reiki Master, Tarot reader, Mom, Yogini, and Occupational Therapist (though no longer working in that field.)

I am also an empath, which is having the ability to feel another's emotions in one's body as if they were your own, feeling energy in a space from the past or tuning ion another's energy in general. This ability helps me in both my Reiki Healing and Tarot Reading. The added insight helps the client along the healing path.

Reiki is Universal Energy and can heal people, pets, plants, and situations. It goes where it is needed and can do no harm. It is an excellent complimentary healing technique and is often used in hospitals to sooth patients and help speed recovery. Reiki can reduce pain, release blockages from past lives and help resolve difficulties between people. The whole person is addressed in Reiki healing- physical, mental,emotional and spiritual. It can clear negative energy, so it cleanses the aura and can be used to clear the energy of a house when you are trying to sell or when you are just moving in. Reiki can help calm and sooth a sick or injured animal or child, which is so helpful because they often cannot tell us what is wrong. Healing crystals can be charged with Reiki to enhance their natural abilities and to clear any negative energy they may have picked up doing their work.

During my first attunement, I got a vision of water being poured over a stack of stones, which is exactly what the Japanese monk, Usui did after discovering Reiki. I feel especially blessed to have received this vision and consider it an honor to be able to channel Universal energy for healing purposes. I have been attuned to levels 1, 11, and 111 - the highest level of attunement available.

I have been guided to make my lightworking abilities more available and trust that those who need me find me. When I channel Reiki, I have symbolic visions related to the person, animal or situation, lending further insight and healing opportunities. After practicing Yoga since about 1997, I have developed a personalized method of clearing and energizing my own chakras so that I am a clear channel for Reiki.

When you receive a Distance Reiki session, it is just as healing as a hands on session. Reiki knows no time or distance, so when I send it to you, your pet or situation, it goes when and where it is needed. "What quantum physicists and Einstein tell us is that everything is happening simultaneously." "There is no time for the Universe and there is no size for the Universe." (

After I receive payment (Pay Pal $30.00 to Vinegar and glitter (at) gmail (dot) com or use the button below), and any details you wish about where or for whom or what the Reiki is intended, I will clear a sacred space and send you the Universal Light of Reiki for about 20 minutes, taking note of any visions or feelings I experience. I am an Empath, which means I feel the emotions and energy of others, so these notes will be significant in gaining insight to the circumstances. Within a day or two, I will send an email summary of what I experienced during the session so that you can use that information to further process and integrate the healing. Making yourself open and receptive will enhance the healing, as will drinking plenty of water and getting rest. Reiki continues to work over time, so you may notice changes in sensory input, sleeping patterns or spiritual insight. Remember that Reiki goes where it is needed, so you may be surprised to find healing where you did not expect it. I will focus where you want it to go, but it may go elsewhere of its own volition.

I wish you peace and thank you for visiting my space.

If you have received Reiki from me before and wish to share your experience, please feel free to leave a comment.


Reiki Treatment times

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